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IATA Exchange Rates

The IATA Exchange  Rates  are currency exchange files published by IATA and  used to perform interline invoicing and settlement between airlines. These are world currencies published and monitored against three base currencies (EURO, GBP and USD). These files are prepared specifically for the Commercial and Revenue Accounting departments of airlines, for the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) and for interested System Providers.

The FDR is xpressed in USD ,EUR, and GBP and  is used by ICH members to convert interline billings into the billing currrency.

The MMR is an alternative rate and is used only  when the FDR demonstrates a differential of over 10%.  Based on the average of the currency over the full month, It allows ICH members to adjust their cargo and passenger invoices.

The CDR  is used to ensure  ICH members are not exposed to any currency exchange risk  on Miscellaneous interline billings.


  • IATA Exchange Rates  published by IATA  are the sole source  to support interline billing and settlement
  • Based on OANDA's  exchange rates data
  • Subscription  includes FDR, MMR, and CDR files
  • Files delivered in  pdf and TXT format for system integration
  • Simple , easy to use and reliable one-stop source
  • Down loadable via IATA's extranet site or delivered directly via IINET

IATA Exchange Rates - Terms and Conditions (pdf)
IATA Clearing Services Exchange Rates
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