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Aircraft Reliability Guidelines

Guidance material for aircraft health and reliability monitoring

Aircraft reliability programs are essential to ensure safety and dependability. To achieve the highest level of aircraft dispatch reliability at lowest cost, it is essential to use operational data, pilot reports and assess the effectiveness of maintenance and training programs. This publication covers how aircraft operational data can be used for decision making and monitoring of aircraft reliability. 

Content overview

  • Operational data collection
  • Reliability program data requirements
  • Maintenance program metrics
  • Data driven corrective action
  • Maintenance program optimization
  • Service bulletin incorporation

Improve aircraft safety, efficiency and operational integrity

With new generation aircraft technology, it is possible to have valuable quantified data on the health and performance of engines and systems as well as failures or deterioration. This manual helps operational staff understand how to better organize this data, analyze it and report the findings. It also provides guidance on  methodology to detect negative performance and reliability, and identify their root causes so that they can be addressed.

Designed for

  • Airlines’ maintenance management
  • Maintenance program managers
  • Reliability managers
  • IT departments
Aircraft Health Monitoring and Reliability Program Guidance Material
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