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One Process for Cargo Handlers

The IATA Cargo Handling Manual (ICHM) provides Cargo Handlers with the guideline and working instructions of the Cargo Handling activities. To encourage its adoption, 16 of the most prestigious Airlines and Cargo Handling companies, members of the IATA Cargo Handling Council (ICHC), collaborated, shared and merged their own Cargo Handling Manuals to create the one standard manual for all.

The ICHM helps all Cargo Handlers implement standardised procedures for safety, security, efficiency and quality. The manual is a one stop shop for cargo terminal operators and also helps to improve the understanding of the rationale, which as a result increases safety. Enhanced standards are easier to implement once complete processes and procedures are documented. Standardisation also manages out potential errors as multi-customer handlers have only ONE process to remember and not many variations on the same theme.

Benefits for Cargo Handlers

  • Specific procedures to follow for efficiency and quality.
  • Decrease in rejecting cargo shipments
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Standardised approach and consistency in the Acceptance process.
  • Mutual recognition through one single audit.

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