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WCS 2017: Sneak Peek


What’s happening at WCS 2017?

This year’s World Cargo Symposium​ agenda is bursting with informative workshops, specialized tracks, and topical plenary sessions. Excellent speakers from across the cargo supply chain will be there to share important industry updates, focusing the spotlight on key industry issues such as wildlife trafficking, special cargo, e-commerce, innovation and sustainability.

Informative workshops

CEIV Pharma Workshop:

To guide the pharmaceutical air transport supply chain stakeholder improve their pharmaceutical product handling and as a result help to preserve end patient lives. Discussions around the latest project developments including the networks being developed as well as key industry pitfalls which include risk assessment and temperature mapping. 

Cargo Products Workshop:

The IATA Products team have a comprehensive portfolio of cargo products and services created to support and improve the cargo supply chain business. Discover what products are available and learn about the latest products developments such as DG Autocheck and TACT.


Join us for an interactive session where leaders of the Air Cargo Industry share insights on their career developments, their most important decisions and takeaways on how to become a successful leader. 

Horizon – IATA’s Innovation Forum:

Horizon is the first IATA’s Air Cargo Innovation Forum. Open to all WCS delegates, it aims at stimulating conversations and encouraging all types of innovative ideas.

Participants will not only help shape the air cargo’s innovation roadmap, but will also be able to bring back great ideas and fresh views to their own organizations.

Objectives of each track

Dangerous Goods:

The track provides those responsible for shipping dangerous goods by air with the opportunity to meet and mingle with the Regulators, airline dangerous goods experts and network with industry leaders and other dangerous goods professionals.

Digital Transformation:

The objective of the track is to discuss the needs and opportunities for air cargo industry to embrace a full digital mind-set through key notes and panel discussions with subject matter experts.

Cargo Operations and Handling:

This track will explore the issues related to safety and security and how initiatives today are beginning to address them. With safety and security at the top of the priority, the speakers will explore how to make the required improvements while still delivering on the promise to the customers.

Cargo Security:

The aim of the Cargo Security and Innovation Track is to identify whether in the current political scenario, a culture of security supported by technological innovation is possible and what is the role that civil society and regulators should play to shape the global security agenda. High professional speakers will foster live interactions with the floor.

Pharmaceutical Management:

The objective of this half day track is to raise awareness of joint issues of transport of control substances in the framework of Dangerous Goods and Pharmaceuticals, to allay the fears and concerns of those involved in the transport chain and provide new opportunities for future growth through a collaborative supply chain including the end users. Interact with industry experts, regulators and discuss the challenges, existing best practices as well as future solutions that can be apply to increase the understanding of the impact of the products on the individuals and society.

Smart ULD:

Since early 1970s’, there have been no significant changes in ULD design, function, and operation, with a continuing reliance on extensive manual activities. Driven by the increasing demands for safety compliance and operational efficiency as well as end-to-end visibility and real-time information in air cargo transportation, what could a Smart ULD do to help meeting the demands? The Smart ULD Track intends to identify and prioritize the potential design and performance of the ULD of the future.

E-Commerce Logistics:

The growth of E-Commerce business is not a new phenomenon to anyone anymore and is the trend to follow if one does not want to be excluded from the benefits it generates! Shopping online has now become the way of making business and has solidified its well-defined requirements from the Customer’s point of view, down to the entire Supply Chain.There is no prevarication allowed and the rules are clear: Change constantly, adapt instantly to Customer’s demand and make sure it is the center of your priorities.

Cargo Border Management:

The aim of the Cargo Border Management track is to present, identify and discuss ideas best practices related to governmental procedures at the border and its implications to the air cargo industry.

This track contributes to an enhanced and coordinated vision for the air transport industry. This is done by showcasing the perspective of different stakeholders from the industry, governments and intergovernmental organizations on topics such as trade facilitation, air cargo security, customs matters and harmonization of border procedures.

Cargo Facility of the Future:

Facilities need to change from monoliths of storage to safe, efficient and future-proof transit facilities. This is a fun and interactive session that will allow industry to participate in shaping the vision of the facility of the future.

Fighting Back to Profitability:

The objective of the track would be to diagnose the challenges facing air cargo profitability through providing good insights to our delegates on economic and financial issues. The session will also have inspirational discussions on what remedies may be employed to improve air cargo industry structure to advance profitability in the short and long-term. 

Perishables Products: 

The transport of perishable products is essential in the air cargo’s business as the volumes of perishables are growing faster than general air cargo. Under the motto "Harvesting the Future in Perishables Logistics” this track will take a look at consumer trends like the growing demand for halal products and how these can impact handling processes in the transportation chain as well as future developments that can be expected in the coming years.

Live Animals:

The Live Animals half day track will provide the attendees with useful information on regulatory and logistics challenges when transporting live animals by air and how the supply chain stakeholders are focusing on the welfare of the animal transported. Interact with industry experts and discuss the best practices as well as future opportunities.

Join us in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from 14-16 March 2017 and be a part of this renowned global industry Symposium and play your part to Transform Today: Shape Tomorrow.   

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