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Making lithium batteries transport safer

IATA launches the Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines

Navigation through lithium batteries’ shipping regulations can be a challenge for companies and individuals who are not familiar with dangerous goods transport in general. To ease their work and comprehensively address lithium battery shipping, IATA has published the first edition of the Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines (LBSG).

A complete guide for shippers

While there have been several incidents related to lithium batteries, these have almost all been related to non-compliance with the regulatory requirements. Lithium batteries are safe to transport as long as they are designed, tested, manufactured and packaged in accordance with the global transport safety standards. Shipper’s complying with these requirements is an essential component of a safe air transport supply chain.

The LBSG is designed specifically for manufacturers and shippers of lithium batteries and lithium battery powered equipment. However, freight forwarders may also find the LBSG useful as assistance in discussions with their customers.

Easy-to-use electronic manual

The LBSG brings together all of the relevant content of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) and UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, as well as detailed examples on packing, marking, labelling and documentation. Features include:

  • Regulatory overview
  • Classification
  • Packing Instructions with animated packing examples
  • Marking and labeling diagrams
  • Documentation examples
  • Sample checklist for shippers and freight forwarders

The LBSG is released as a CD-ROM with an embedded, interactive PDF file. It enables users to bookmark frequently referenced passages and annotate the manual to customize it to their own unique processes.


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