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Cargo Tracker - March 2017

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What happened at WCS 2017 in Abu Dhabi? 

The 11th World Cargo Symposium gathered over 1000 air cargo professionals in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from 14-16 March 2017. The theme, "Transform Today: Shape Tomorrow" was very prominent and resounded throughout the event. Read more...  

One way to handle Cargo!    

Cargo handling is performed at thousands of airports all over the world by hundreds of companies, big and small. This poses a high potential risk for deviations in quality and standards of handling. The IATA Cargo Handling Manual (ICHM) provides the complete door to door cargo operational policy (beyond warehouse), process and procedures, aligned to the industry Master Operating Plan (MOP) and is complementary to the IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) which contains the safety based working instructions for ramp Operations. Read more...

Mauritius takes steps towards "e"

Mauritius has ratified Montreal Convention (MC99) (pdf) with an effective date of 3 April 2017. This will deliver benefits to airlines primarily as a result of being able to streamline claims handling processes (baggage, cargo and delay claims) and the ability to replace paper air waybill with e-AWB helping to deliver faster and more efficient shipments (and the ability to implement e-freight in future). This development is in a large part due to advocacy efforts by IATA working closely together with Air Mauritius, multiple government agencies, forwarder associations, customs and business groups to explain the benefits of MC99 and promote its urgent ratification. 

e-AWB Global Penetration

Find out the latest e-AWB global penetration in the full monthly (pdf) report for February 2017.


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