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Benefits of ICHM to Airlines

Why should airlines adopt ICHM? 

The IATA Cargo Handling Manual (ICHM) provides Airlines with the guideline and working instructions of the Cargo Handling activities. To encourage its adoption, 16 of the most prestigious Airlines and Cargo Handling companies shared and merged their own Cargo Handling Manuals to create the one standard manual for all. 

In adopting the ICHM, Airlines can reduce their operations manual distributions requirements and oversight of that, via the adoption of the Recommended Practice.

The ICHM allows for a single standard audit, developing mutual recognition, for Cargo Handling based on agreed standards and enhanced assessments in Smart Facility. 

Benefits for Airline:

  • Removes the need to document specific procedures and to react individually to sudden requirements.
    Note: Unique / Local requirements could be filed as “variations” in the manual itself.
  • Enhanced standards are easier to implement once the complete process and procedure is documented.
  • Ability to Safety Risk Assess the complete process and each new procedure with “ease”
  • The ICHM will be the baseline for ISAGO & Smart Facilities
  • Decrease in rejecting of cargo shipments
  • Increased speed and efficiency 
  • Standardised approach and consistency in the Acceptance process
  • Mutual recognition and fewer audits leading to cost saving

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