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Jamaica Customs: First to adopt Cargo-XML

Jamaica has become the first country to implement IATA Cargo-XML standards using the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) ASYCUDA World system. 

Outcomes and Benefits

The project will: 

  • Modernise customs operations
  • Result in better trade efficiency and competitiveness
  • Enhance security 
  • Promote sustainable development by using electronic transactions (removing paper)
  • Ensure compliance by carriers with Customs Requirements through the use of Global standards.

The deployment of this IATA standard will make it easier for airlines, freight forwarders and shippers to ensure that the information being provided to Jamaica Customs is of high quality, technically correct, and in line with the standards of industry bodies such as the World Customs Organization. It will also reduce message duplication and simplifies communication across the supply chain.

Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) implementation was supported by IATA and UNCTAD experts delivering a joint seminar, Cargo-XML Training course and ASYCUDA World training for JCA experts in Kingston at the end of April.

From left to right: Marlon Lowe, National Project Director ASYCUDA implementation project at Jamaica Customs Authority; Jaime Mendoza, Regional Coordinator for UNCTAD; Tahir Syed, Manager Cargo Technology for IATA; Velma Walker, Commissioner CEO for Jamaica Customs Agency; Ariela Barquero, Aviation Solutions Manager for IATA Caribbean; Olivier Secache, Regional Cargo Manager for IATA; Ouassim Gahbiche, ASYCUDA expert for UNCTAD and Andre Williams, Chief Information Office at Jamaica Customs Agency.

Improving Cargo Security

The integration of IATA Cargo-XML in ASYCUDA World standardises the electronic communications between airlines and customs authorities using the program. This data standard reduces message duplication and simplifies communication across the supply chain. This, in turn, facilitates trade growth, improves cargo security, modernises customs operations and fosters participation in global commerce through advanced electronic data submission for air cargo shipments.


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