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Training Newsletter Q4 2013

New Course Contest

Remember the New Course Contest we launched in February where six aviation professionals won complimentary access to a new ITDI course of their choice? Well, we’ve been following the progress of two such winners. Here’s what they have to say: 

Winners…in the Spotlight


Harare, Zimbabwe 

Lead Auditor Safety and Environment at Air Zimbabwe and Chairperson of the Africa Aviation Safety Council

New Course:
Air Transport Fundamentals with Harvard Manage Mentor

A 20 year veteran of the aviation industry, Felix Nyangani has been participating in IATA courses every year since 2006.

What new ITDI Airline course did he choose?

Mr. Nyangani chose: Air Transport Fundamentals with Harvard ManageMentor.

What was the initial attraction to aviation?

Mr. Nyangani’s childhood plays an important role in his involvement in the aviation industry. Having grown up in a flight corridor near Harare airport, he used to marvel at the physics and variety aircraft models, which led him to study the physics of transport and sound, forming the eventual conviction that air accidents can be prevented.  Not surprising, given his current professional involvement in industry safety.

Words of wisdom?

Mr. Nyangani stresses the importance of convincing management that safety is as important to the business as the financials, and that ‘everyone in the organization must have time for safety.’

Future plans?

Mr. Nyangani plans to attain a Masters in Aviation and become an industry leader.


Nassau, Bahamas

Operations Officer , Civil Aviation Department, Bahamas

New Course:
Management of Air Navigation Services

Bryan Wilson has been working in the aviation industry for 35 years.

What new ITDI CAA & ANS course did he choose?

Mr. Wilson chose: Management of Air Navigation Services.

What was the initial attraction to aviation?

Mr. Wilson’s entrée into aviation was initially inspired by a love of flying and intrigue of traffic control.

Words of wisdom?

When asked what are the biggest challenges facing the CAA and ANS sector in 2013, Mr. Wilson replied, ‘The challenges facing the ANS sector of the Bahamas are legion. They encompass serious shortfalls in resources across the board including; financial, technical and human…’

He believes in ‘the need to view the impending future through the lens of (the) global evolution of ANSP(s) and aviation as well as underpinning planning with the tools available and identified within this training...’

Future plans?

Mr. Wilson enrolled in the Management of Air Navigation Services course to address what he believes is a critical shortcoming in the system and to help contribute to the development of civil aviation.

Here’s what he has to say about the course:

  • ‘This course is very pertinent to my country’s present development status.  My enthusiasm never waned.’
  • ‘Interaction with international colleagues with experiences in modern advanced systems is invaluable’
  • ‘Relevant’ ‘Information intensive’ ‘Instructor very knowledgeable and enthusiastic…’
If you forgot what the New Course contest is all about, are interested in learning about the new courses developed in 2013, or just want to know what the top concerns of aviation professionals are in their sectors, you can find out more here.

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