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Training Newsletter - Q1 2014

Global News

2014 IATA Training Catalogue is available

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Programs in the Spotlight

Airport & Ground Operations delivers 98 classes worldwide, emergency simulation video

Another successful year is coming to a close for training activities related to Airport and Ground Operations. Our team of instructors delivered 98 classes in 43 countries, supporting several professionals on the ground. We saw the introduction of two new courses, Human Factors in Ground Operations and Aircraft Marshaling and Ramp Hand Signals; and updated the Ground Operations Management self-study course - the new version will be available in January 2014.

Emergency Landing Simulation
ITDI’s Emergency Planning and Response for Airports and GSPs course has become even more enhanced thanks to some help from Trapani Airport in southern Italy! AIRGEST, the Trapani airport operator, provided IATA full access to film its emergency exercise procedures and use the footage in future ITDI training sessions.

The exercise provided an eerily realistic simulation of an emergency landing and aftermath, involving over 100 volunteer actors, dozens of local emergency workers, two helicopters, and Boeing 737 aircraft on special loan for the occasion.

IATA’s film crew of three arrived on site early in the day to map out the exercise scenario with the airport management. The exercise then began shortly after midnight with a “pan-pan” communication from the distressed aircraft.

Emergency workers and response teams rushed to the scene to treat volunteer passengers assigned with varying degrees of injury. The exercise was only deemed complete once all passengers were reunited with their families some three hours later. Thanks to the excellent coordination of the AIRGEST team and IATA Alumni, the exercise was a great success.

Future participants of Emergency Planning and Response for Airports and GSPs will have the chance to enhance their experience through our updated training content, including the exercise videos.

Photos on the scene


Safety delivers two new major industry initiatives, IOSA-AFI and SMS IP

IOSA Implementation Training Initiative for African Airlines (IOSA-AFI)
In May 2012, IATA and ICAO, in partnership with AFRAA and a host of other organizations, committed to an Africa Strategic Improvement Action Plan aimed at addressing safety deficiencies and strengthening regulatory oversight in the region by 2015. The plan was further enhanced by the continent’s Directors General of Civil Aviation and became the “Abuja Declaration”.

The Abuja Declaration and the associated Plan of Action on Aviation Safety and Aviation Safety Targets for Africa were endorsed by the Extraordinary Session of the Conference of Ministers of Transport on Aviation Safety in Africa held in Abuja, Nigeria, on 16-20 July 2012. The Ministers particularly agreed to a set of high level safety targets, including the requirement for all African airlines to obtain an IOSA certification by the end of 2015.

In order to support the implementation of this specific requirement, IATA has developed the IOSA Implementation Training initiative (IOSA-AFI) which has been offered to IOSA-eligible airlines in 2013. IOSA-AFI is a hands-on in-company training program in which operational staff is given practical tools to understand and implement IOSA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs) under a sound, corporate IOSA project.

  • Align a fundamental change to the company’s safety culture
  • Raise awareness with operational management regarding the issues faced by the company to meet IOSA requirements
  • Focus on collaboration between various departments
  • Identify relation and dependency levels with the operational and business units
  • Assist the airline in implementing safety standards and best practices in their operations

3 hands-on workshops offered to an airline, based on the identification of IOSA gaps, leading to a concrete action plan to be implemented by the airline’s IOSA Task Force, with clear accountabilities, timelines, measurements of progress, and deliverables. It is based on the following phases:

  • Establishing the baseline
  • Developing the action plan
  • Implementing the action plan
  • Conducting the gap analysis
  • Assessing progress and measuring results

For more information on this In-Company program, please contact us at

SMS Implementation Program (SMS IP)
Safety is the number one priority for everyone working in the aviation industry. Safety Management Systems (SMS) provide a systematic approach to safety and help airlines identify safety risks before they become bigger problems. Filling a niche in the global airline safety training supply, the SMS IP is designed to assist airline operational staff to effectively translate SMS Implementation theory into practice.

Program Goals

  • Deliver practical implementation skills to comply with SMS requirements
  • Improve overall safety performance by achieving implementation of 80% of SMS standards
  • Align the airline’s SMS with IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) SMS provisions


  • Align a fundamental change to the company’s safety culture
  • Raise awareness with operational management as to the issues faced by the company to meet regulatory requirements
  • Focus on collaboration between various departments
  • Identify relation and dependency levels with the operational and business units

Three hands-on workshops offered to an airline, based on the identification of SMS gaps, leading to a concrete action plan to be implemented by the airline’s SMS Task Force, with clear accountabilities, timelines, measurements of progress and deliverables. It is based on the following phases:

  • Conducting the gap analysis
  • Establishing the baseline
  • Developing the action plan
  • Implementing the action plan
  • Assessing progress and measuring results

SMSITP Features

  • Continuity and follow up – SMSITP includes three workshops, 5 days each with 4 to 7 week intervals between workshops to allow the Task Force to work on their SMS Action Plan. It is conducted by the same instructor from the first visit to the last. A close trust relationship is built between the instructor and the airline. Safety improvement momentum is gained by identifying an action plan for implementation between workshops.

  • No handbook lessons but focus on the airline’s real SMS gaps – the SMS Action Plan is based on group observations about the specific airline’s real SMS gaps. It aims at correcting procedures that are not performing well by using the airline’s own resources.

  • Senior management commitment – SMSITP requires the establishment of a Steering Committee to monitor the actions carried out by the Task Force. The instructor’s first visit to the airline includes at the very beginning an Executive SMS Briefing for senior management to ensure they better understand SMS requirements and commit to SMS implementation in the long run.

  • Integration of various departments over a corporate SMS project – SMSITP requires the establishment of an SMS Task Force, which remains alive after the program is completed. Task Force members include people from all IOSA areas, not just flight safety. This helps to break silos and promote the idea that SMS is not only a flight safety initiative, but a corporate one.

  • Legacy – the main takeaway for airlines is the onsite gap analysis methodology that leads to the establishment of a concrete action plan. The airlines can use the methodology to continue working on further initiatives leading to full SMS implementation in the long run.

  • Progress monitoring – progress made by the SMS Task Force on the Action Plan is reviewed by the instructor after each visit to the airline.
For more information on this In-Company program, please contact us at

Regional News

Class Photos

Have a look at the latest class photos from IATA Training Centers around the world.

Miami ITC – The Year in Review

Our Miami Training Center has been very busy over 2013 hosting more than double last year’s participants and delivering ground breaking programs to support the development of the aviation worldwide. Read about some of the center’s most significant achievements below.

Miami is pleased to have undergone a renovation to support close to double the number of individuals participating in the center’s courses since 2012. The center now hosts over1000 individuals a year. See photos of the newly renovated training center.

Miami hosts delegates from far and wide: CAMIC, NCAA
Miami ITC had the pleasure of hosting 25 delegates from the Civil Aviation Management Institute of China (CAMIC) for the second year in a row. Delegates travelled from China to participate in our Emergency Response Planning and Managing Aviation Policy and Regulation courses – both with simultaneous translation in Mandarin.

Miami also hosted 73 delegates from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) in 2013 – double the number of participants in 2012.

Miami supports Air Cargo sector through Florida State Grant
In an effort to bolster international trade and export opportunities, the State of Florida entrusted our Miami IATA Training Center (ITC) together with IATA’s Cargo Network Service (CNS), to deliver Quick Response Training for Air Cargo.

As part of a $600,000 grant, the State of Florida awarded up to US $1000 of subsidized air cargo training per eligible employee. 57 cargo companies including airlines, freight forwarders and ground handlers registered for the grant, for a total of 615 individual participants.

The program was a success in that the maximum allowable number of individuals that can be trained were trained through our program. This, in turn, has led to a scheduled visit in January by the State of Florida to our Miami offices to film interviews about the success of the program and to show how local governments, trade and educational organizations can work together to address regional training needs.

Due to the success of the program, we continue to research and apply for future grants.

Singapore ITC – The Year in Review

2013 has been a good year for the Singapore Training Center. After a quiet start, the number of registrations picked up slowly but steadily and now we are experiencing the busiest peak season in a few years. DGR courses were very popular as usual, but it is worth mentioning the record breaking courses this year: Emergency Planning and Response Management (September 2013) with 35 participants and Network, and Fleet and Schedule Planning course with 34 participants.

Noteworthy visits
Delegations from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), and Korea and Transport Logistics Training Board, Hong Kong visited the IATA office this year with the aim to gain more knowledge about ITDI’s training opportunities. During both occasions colleagues from the IATA Singapore Regional Office shared their experience. We continue to welcome these initiatives from clients and other parties who are interested in learning about IATA’s training activities.

Regional Training Partners help reach clients throughout the region
Our Regional Training Partners have been very successful in delivering new and popular courses. Singapore Aviation Academy had a successful run of Air Cargo Management – Creating Value and ASSET Aviation International received great turn-out for their Aviation Internal Auditor courses. This shows that by collaborating with our partners, we can reach clients who live in regions with limited access to IATA classroom training.

ITDI Networking Lunch
Singapore continues to host its popular networking lunches which provide participants and others interested in learning more about our programs an opportunity to meet our team in person. During these lunches, participants gather together to enjoy lunch provided by ITDI while we inform them about ITDI’s products, courses and diploma programs.

More training in South East Asia
We realize more training centers are needed in the region of South East Asia and look forward delivering more courses to the region in the New Year.

ITDI Partner News

New Initiatives


ICAO-IATA I-TRAIN Diploma Program with specialization in Aircraft Operations Management
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and IATA have joined forces to establish the partnership program I-TRAIN under the IATA-ICAO Global Training Alliance. This first I-TRAIN diploma program gives aviation professionals a specialization in Aircraft Operations Management.

The I-TRAIN program curriculum has been built on the results of the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP) which identified the lack of establishment of adequate training programs and training plans for all staff of civil aviation authorities, including managers in charge of planning and controlling safety oversight activities.

Program details


IATA – STANFORD Aviation Strategy Program
In November, we signed an important new academic partnership with Stanford University Center for Professional Development. The new IATA-Stanford Executive Aviation Strategy Program is an extension to the existing distance learning certificate launched in 2011, wherein close to 700 participants enrolled from around the world. The new classroom program starts in 2014 and is delivered in a blended learning format whereby participants are invited to attend a 1-week classroom session at IATA Headquarters in Montreal to study aviation related content. A month later, participants are invited to attend a second week at Stanford Center for Professional Development to focus on key strategy and innovation, including site visits Silicon Valley start-ups. More details can be found in the following links:

Program details and agenda
Eligibility and discounts

RMIT university

IATA – Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Aviation English Program
During the ICAO Assembly in Montreal, we had the pleasure of establishing a new partnership with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Training Pty Ltd. based in Melbourne- Australia to jointly offer an Aviation English training program to aid participants (pilots and air traffic controllers, and others) in meeting the ICAO language proficiency requirement and IATA member airlines’ quality and safety standards.

The ICAO language proficiency standard requires all international commercial pilots and air traffic controllers to possess at least an operational (level 4) competency. The partnership also includes the RMIT English Language Test for Aviation (RELTA) and will be offered to select partners who qualify and fulfill the requirements to become a RELTA test center in their country.

New IATA Exam Centers
In our continuous effort to be close to your local market activities, new IATA Local Testing Centers have been opened in Vanuatu, covering Vanuatu and neighboring Pacific Islands, Macedonia and Brunei; making our IATA exam centers now available in 125 countries.

New Partners

ITDI welcomes thirteen new Global Training Partners
IATA’s global training partner network continues to grow as we welcomed thirteen new members to the family over the course of the 4th quarter. Welcome aboard to:

  1. Swissport International Ltd. (representing all Swissport offices around the world)
  2. The Université du Québec (UQAC) (Canada)
  3. The Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC) (Dominican Republic)
  4. Transferama (Netherlands)
  5. Rawat Al-Hajer Co. (Iraq)
  6. Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) (Ireland)
  7. Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited (SAHCOL) (Nigeria)
  8. Apeejay Institute of Hospitality, Mumbai (India)
  9. JAIMO Link Company Limited (Tanzania)
  10. Mideast Aviation Academy (Jordan)
  11. UDGI Corporation (Japan)
  12. Bureau of Dangerous Goods Ltd. (United States)
  13. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Training Pty Ltd. (Australia)

Partner Achievements

IATA Training Partners renew and expand their scope with IATA

Renewed Regional Training Partnerships (RTPs):

  • ASCENA (Senegal)
  • Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) (Doha)

Expansion to ATC Program:

  • Tirwin Management Services (P) Ltd. (India) – existing ATS partner now operates under both the ATS and ATC programs.
  • Taipeir Airfreight Forwarders & Logistics Association of Taiwan (TAFLA) (Taiwan) – existing ATS partner for now operates under both the ATS and ATC programs.
  • Ground2Air (Mauritius) – existing ATS partner now operates under both the ATS and ATC programs.
  • Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy (Turkey) – long-term Regional Training Partner expands joint training activities to operate under the ATS program.

Air Travel and Related Studies Centre proctors IATA exams for 108 students
September 2013, Kenya.
108 individuals wrote exams at Air Travel and Related Studies Centre ATC, achieving an impressive 95% average pass rate. View the list of graduates (pdf).

SriLankan Airlines launches SriLankan Training as Strategic Business Unit
An important update comes from our existing partner SriLankan Airlines who launched SriLankan Training as a Strategic business unit (SBU) and separate brand under the SriLankan Airlines Group. The academy (IAA) is now an integral part of this strategic unit together with regionally renowned SriLankan Technical Training and SriLankan Flying Academy with its two Airbus simulators.

Partnership News Flash

IATA opens Learning Management System (LMS) to Partners
The new IATA Learning Management System (LMS) is open to all our partners for the first time since its launch. We hope you are enjoying and utilizing the new automation and reporting functions.

2014 Training Partner Congresses
As communicated in the July monthly update, your ITDI Global Partner Advisory Board met in September with the objective of creating a mission statement that reflects its purpose to serve your different market and industry segment needs.

Since the start of our partnership engagement activities back in 2010, we have met with you at our annual training partner congresses in Asia (India, Singapore & Malaysia), Europe (Switzerland & Turkey), Middle East (UAE & Qatar). We have now planned our 2014 Partner Congresses, which will be conducted for the first time in our growing North American training market. They are as follows:

IATA-ATS Conference
10 March, Los Angeles. ITDI and ATS dangerous goods training partners will meet preceding the World Cargo Symposium. The registration procedure, including how you can benefit from attending the WCS event will be provided to you in a separate communication this week.

IATA Global Training Partner Congress
19 May, Montreal. ITDI looks forward to meeting with our entire partner network (ATCs, RTPs, ATSs, Industry & Academic partners) in Montreal, Canada, aviation capital and home of IATA and ICAO headquarters, during the week of May 19, 2014. More details including how to register will be provided soon.


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