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What's New at ITDI - Q1 2013

Regional ITDI News


Our most popular course in Amsterdam, this quarter was Airport Commercial Management. Course attendance reached record breaking numbers!


Not too far away, in Geneva, another course achieved record breaking attendance. This time, it was DGR Recurrent, Category 6.


Miami successfully delivered two in-company cargo training courses under the Florida State - Quick Response Training Grants in January and February. Cargo courses were organized for JetBlue and DHL respectively, where both companies received a USD $1,000 subsidy for every employee who attended the course.

Here’s what one of our participants had to say about their experience in the Air Cargo Security class:

“The course was very well received by the participants – a mix of Security, Training Developers, Training Instructors and the Cargo Teams here at JetBlue. Omar (the instructor) was excellent and some of the highlights from the training were the exercises and then the group project where we had the opportunity to use the acquired knowledge for our presentations.”

JetBlue course participant
Air Cargo Security class, 14-18 January, 2013

About the grant
Secure up to $1,000 of subsidized training per employee!

CNS, an IATA company, in partnership with Broward College, were recently approved by Workforce Florida to provide cargo training under a state funded grant, entitled Quick Response Training (QRT). The grant is designed to help subsidize air cargo training in the State of Florida, with the intent to help bolster international trade and export opportunities.

The opportunity for your company to apply for the grant is still available. Funding may be used to attend any of IATA’s classroom cargo courses. The deadline for course completion is August 2013.

For more information about the grant and training opportunities, please contact:


Montreal successfully launched ITDI’s Airline Security Operations Optimization course and has reached full registration for a further eight courses to be run through mid-May. The next available session in Miami is in October.

The course was developed to address Airlines’ need to be aware of not only the latest security regulations for airlines, but also of airport security operations and how they affect their business. This course takes a close look at industry regulations and best practices to help airlines understand, analyze and prevent threats.


Singapore continues to host weekly ITDI Alumni Networking lunches. These are available to current and past participants of all ITDI courses around the world and are an excellent opportunity for students to network with peers, IATA staff and learn about recent developments in the aviation industry.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv expands its course offering and offers a special 10% discount on professional guided tours of Israel. See the details.

ITDI Partner News

2013 IATA Global Training Partner Congress

Etihad Airways and IATA welcomed over 170 Global Training Partners to the 1st annual IATA Global Training Partner Congress in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. this March. The event was a success, bringing IATA training partners together from around the globe to discuss the latest industry developments and challenges and learning innovations developed by ITDI to address those challenges and to fulfill the shared vision of developing the people of our industry. See 2013 IATA Global Training Partner Congress Newsletter.

IATA Honors 2013 Top-Performing Global Training Partners

IATA announced its 2013 worldwide best performing training partners as part of its training partner recognition programs at ceremonies during the 2013 Global Training Partner Congress held in Abu Dhabi and the IATA DG ATS Conference in Doha during the proceedings of the 7th World Cargo Symposium.

ITDI’s training partner recognition program recognizes excellence among IATA’s Authorized Training Centers (ATCs). The program also awards IATA’s strongest partners in dangerous goods (DG) training -- the IATA DG Accredited Training Schools (ATS) -- as well as its top Regional Training Partners (RTPs) – the recipients in this category for this year are Air Traffic & Navigation Services (ATNS) from South Africa and Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy from Turkey.

Some 440 IATA training partners were evaluated on the number of students trained and on the quality of training delivered as determined by the student examination pass rate. The excellence of these training centers significantly contributes to the people development of the air transport industry by opening up opportunities for the next generation of aviation professionals worldwide.

2013 Premier Circle (Worldwide Top 10) Authorized Training Centers

  • Japan Aircargo Forwarders Association (JAFA), Japan
  • Akbar Academy of Airline Studies, India
  • IITC-India International Trade Centre, India
  • Speedwings Academy for Aviation Services , India
  • Qatar Aeronautical College, Qatar
  • Air Travel & Related Studies Centre, Kenya
  • Etihad Airways Aviation Academy, UAE
  • Trade Wings Institute of Management, India
  • International Aviation Academy of Sri Lankan Airlines, Sri Lanka
  • Aircargo Training Center of Japan, Japan

2013 Worldwide Top Performing Dangerous Goods Accredited Training Schools

  • DGM, Worldwide Network
  • Aero Training Center - CAMAS Formation, France
  • Airport College, France
  • IFMA - Institut de Formation aux Métiers de l'Aérien, France
  • The Japan Air Cargo Institute for Safety (JACIS), Japan

New Partnerships

ITDI has established many new partnerships this year to enhance your learning experience. Please join us in welcoming our new training partners!

IATA Accredited Training Centers (ATC)

IATA Accredited Training Centers (ATC) are independent organizations authorized to teach IATA Distance Learning training programs in the fields of aviation, travel and tourism, and cargo. Following is a list of new ATCs that joined this quarter:

IATA Accredited Training Schools (ATS)

IATA Accredited Training Schools (ATS) are independent organizations authorized by IATA to deliver training programs in the field of Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR). Following is a list of new ATS’ that joined this quarter:

IATA Regional Training Partners (RTP)

IATA Regional Training Partners (RTP) are independent aviation training organizations that offer a selection of IATA classroom courses and diploma programs delivered by IATA instructors with IATA course material. Participants enjoy a similar learning experience to that of an IATA training center, only closer to home. Following is a list of RTPs that joined this quarter.

Other Partnerships

New and Updated Courses

At ITDI, our Product Managers keep close track of industry trends and issues. Our courses are constantly developed to reflect these to ensure you remain one step ahead of the competition. Take a look at our new and updated courses that have been developed this quarter.

Airline Management and Business Development

Airline Marketing, 2nd Edition (Distance Learning) - During the last decade, the airline marketing landscape has undergone significant transformation. New developments in technology have allowed airlines to develop an unprecedented level of engagement with their customers. These changes have an impact not only on the communication channels that marketers employ, but on the role of marketing within airline companies. In this completely revamped course edition, we explain marketing through several key aspects such as:

  • The role of marketing in creating a customer-oriented organizational culture
  • The set of activities employed by marketers to help the airline reach its goals
  • How to conduct market research and develop a marketing plan and strategy in a case-study approach
  • The global perspective of many major airlines and their alliances and their role in shaping the marketing strategy
  • Practical strategies for more effectively managing an airline marketing plan

Available in printed textbook or eBook formats.

Bundled packages: Available in eBook format bundled with Harvard ManageMentor (HMM)

Airport Planning, Management and Operations

Airport Services – Passenger Handling - updated (Instructor-Led Learning) - This course has been updated by introducing a new module, including passenger processing, technology and innovations.

Airport Master Planning – updated (Instructor-Led Learning) - Airport Master Planning has been updated to reflect new concepts and current requirements for airport infrastructure to meet fast changing industry requirements.

Airport Strategic Management – updated (Instructor-Led Learning) - This course has been updated to cover new concepts and current requirements for business oriented, self-sustained airports to meet fast changing industry requirements.

Aviation Security

Security Audit and Quality Control – updated (Instructor-Led Learning)  - The course was revamped in 2013 to reflect the latest changes in international AVSEC regulations.

Aviation Security Train the Trainer – updated (Instructor-Led Learning) - The course have been reformatted to a concise 5-day program and is for experienced AVSEC personnel who would like to become trainers, improve their instructional techniques and seek updated knowledge in AVSEC.

Security X-ray Screening Operations NEW (Instructor-Led Learning) - This new course was launched to introduce new operational training for security screeners in compliance with ICAO and EC regulations.


ACC3 Awareness Workshop NEW (Instructor-Led Learning) - Participants will learn how EU regulations related to the ACC3 will affect them, understand the objectives and intent of the ACC3 EU Aviation Security checklist, be able to prioritize stations within their network that might need to be independently validated and look to maximize efficiencies and reduce validation costs.

Aviation Security Independent Validators Training NEW (Instructor-Led Learning) - Required training foreseen in EU regulation 1082/2012 will educate those professionals who wish to become EU accredited Aviation Security Validators, recognized and approved by an EU member state.

Ground Operations

Aircraft Turnaround Coordination & Loading Supervision – updated (Instructor-led Learning) - This course has been updated to combine two courses in one! Lead your ramp team to consistently service multiple aircraft types. Learn the essential technical aspects of aircraft handling to optimize your use of ground service equipment and manpower. Ensure safe aircraft and ground operations by cultivating a safety culture within your team.

Passenger Ground Services NEW (Distance Learning) - Passenger Ground Services Agents (PGSAs) are usually the first point of contact for passengers flying out of an airport. PGSAs are employed either by an airline, a ground handling company or an airport management company that provides handling services for a number of different airlines operating flights in an airport.

The objective of this course is to provide aspiring PGSAs with the basic skills and knowledge of the position. The course will also give PGSAs the knowledge and skills of the different processes and regulations they need to apply in the performance of their duties – from check-in, to boarding and take-off. Numerous illustrations, charts and screen shots appear throughout the course material to enhance learning and understanding. This course is designed to complement the training requirements outlined in the IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM), the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) and the Passenger Services Conference Resolutions Manual (PSCRM).

Available in textbook, eBook and eLearning formats (eLearning, coming soon).

Bundled packages: Available in eBook format bundled with Harvard ManageMentor (HMM) or Rosetta Stone®.

Ramp Marshaling and Hand Signals NEW (Instructor-led Learning) - Learn aircraft marshaling and ramp hand signals based on IATA standards in the Airport Handling Manual (AHM) and IATA Ground Handling Manual (IGOM).


SAFA Essentials NEW (Instructor-led Learning) - Improve your awareness of airline responsibilities and follow-up procedures in a SAFA audit to prevent recurrent findings.

With the help of this two-day course you will understand the EC SAFA program principles and improve your safety performance by complying with international safety standards. Learn what items are checked during a SAFA audit, consequences of audit results, and the link to the EU list of air carriers subject to an operating ban (EU blacklist).

Travel & Tourism

Selling International Rail Transportation NEW (Distance Learning)  - With new technology, passenger rail transportation offers comfort, speed, convenience and a rewarding travel experience. It is no wonder why more people travel by train. This course aims to identify the features and benefits of passenger rail transport, describe popular rail products and routes, differentiate between luxury, scenic and high-speed trains, interpret train schedules and plan railitineraries and become familiar with various rail pass schemes. Study this course in eBook format and write the exam online, when you are ready, to earn the IATA course certificate.

Passenger Fares and Ticket Alterations NEW (Instructor-led learning) - This course will help you provide full value service to travel customers and gain their trust. You will learn how to deal with changes to ETRs when ticketed customers change their travel reservations. S

ome customers need to change their ticketed flight reservations before travel begins while others request a flight or routing change after travel has begun. In such situations, the original ticket issued must be exchanged or reissued to reflect new routings and flights. In this course you will learn about currency conversion, interpret ticket data elements, define useful ticket alterations terminology, fare recalculation rules, the ticket exchanges and ticket reissue process and the collection of reservation change penalties. Study this course in eBook format and write the exam online, when you are ready, to earn the IATA course certificate.


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