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Quarter 2, 2014

Spring is in the air. It’s the ideal time to reflect on personal renewal and professional growth. We’re reaching for new heights of excellence at the IATA Training & Development Institute (ITDI), with more staff in every region and improved training solutions.

We’re continuing to grow and develop our training centers, notably in Miami and Montréal with improved facilities and new courses. We’ve also teamed up with IATA experts to launch dozens of new courses, programs and diplomas to serve you better.

We were a major presence at several important industry events such as the World Cargo Symposium, where we met with hundreds of delegates about the state of the industry and the training solutions available to them.

The aviation industry continues to experience security-related incidents, and new regulations are continually created in an effort to prevent them. IATA provides the most up-to-date regulation manuals and ITDI’s security training is instrumental in helping prepare aviation employees to stay compliant.

Get ready for a second quarter teeming with exciting and informative industry conferences, including IATA’s Annual General Meeting and ITDI’s Global Training Partner Congress. Subjects covered in other conferences will include operations, E-IOSA, ground handling, sustainable aviation, fuel, cabin safety, slot allocation and more. Don’t miss these great opportunities to network with global industry leaders and subject matter experts. We look forward to seeing you there!

ITDI, in collaboration with our Training Partners, has developed many new and innovative training solutions to help you remain at the forefront of the industry. Also, check out the many new Training Partners to join the ITDI family in the past three months.

Invest in yourself. Make sure to schedule some time for renewal and growth. And, don’t forget to take advantage of our specials!

Feature Story

The aviation industry is in constant flux. ITDI works hard to help you adapt. Over the coming months you can expect to see greater support from local staff in your region and strengthened training standards. We’re also adding new courses and programs to address updated regulations, changing industry trends and the latest best practices.

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New at ITDI

ITDI’s strength is in developing innovative, new training solutions to ensure you remain at the forefront of your sector; and we’re continually raising the bar. We have most recently expanded our IATA Training Center (ITC) in Miami; while at our ITC in Montréal, Canada, we’re expanding our course offerings in both French and English.

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ITDI Partner News

At ITDI, we believe our partners’ success is our success. That’s why we’re always developing innovative training programs and courses to help you educate the next generation of aviation professionals. We also offer exciting opportunities to get together to network, share best practices and exchange ideas. The word is getting around as we welcomed a dozen new Training Partners to the IATA family!

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Industry Highlights

The 2014 World Cargo Symposium (WCS) in Los Angeles, U.S.A., was an incredible success, will a bright sector forecast and new innovations. Additionally, ITDI was an active participant at the Bhutan Industry Education Fair, a premier education forum uniting hundreds of prospective students, clients and education providers.

A new security regulation went into effect in February. To help, the IATA Security Manual is being offered free of charge when registering for certain security courses.

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On the Horizon

From Dublin to Abu Dhabi, the coming quarter is jam-packed with exciting and informative industry events. Register early to ensure you get the best rate! Check out the E-IOSA Workshop, IATA Ground Handling Conference, ATAG - Global Sustainable Aviation Summit, CNS Partnership Conference, Aviation Fuel Forum, Cabin Operations Safety Conference, Global Training Partner Congress, IATA Annual General Meeting, and the 134th Slot Conference.

Also, don’t miss out on IATA’s featured courses. Only one or two spots remain per course!

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Surveys & Contests

Over 2,000 of you entered the draw to receive a printed copy of our 2014 IATA Training Catalogue. Find out who won!

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Take advantage of our last minute deals, early bird specials and other promotions.

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