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IATA Training Newsletter

Past editions

Q4 2014

  • Industry highlight - Arguments for adopting professional standards in aviation
  • Feature - New ITDO online exam pilot a success!

Q3 2014

  • Industry highlight - Maintaining the integrity of pharmaceuticals through air transport: the US $12.5 BN struggle
  • Feature - Partnerships for global reach
  • Partner news - 6th Annual IATA Global Training Partner Congress a success!

Q2 2014

  • Quarterly news - Meetings and presentations at the Bhutan International Education Fair and World Cargo Symposium
  • Partner updates - New achievements and initiatives from our partners
  • Feature story - What to expect from ITDI in the year ahead

Q1 2014

  • Quarterly news - The release of the latest Security Manual, our participation at the World Travel Market (WTM) and Dubai Airshow
  • ITDI updates - ITDI team onsite for an emergency landing simulation, IOSA initiative in Africa, and more

Q4 2013

  • Quarterly news - IATA Aviation Day in Africa, 4th ICAO / McGill Assembly Symposium, and more
  • ITDI updates - The 2014 schedule, new courses and more
  • Feature story - Follow up with our New Course contest winners

Q2 2013

Q1 2013

  • Quarterly news - Events, publication releases and new regulations
  • ITDI updates - Training in the regions, partnerships and new courses
  • Feature story - Action-based learning at Turkish Airlines

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