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New and Updated Programs in 2015

The IATA Training and Development Institute continually innovates to keep pace with the rapid growth and technological advancements that are the hallmarks of the aviation industry. Always at the forefront, The IATA Training and Development Institute continues to innovate to provide our students and partners with the very latest in aviation training. 

Download our IATA Training Catalog for 2016 to review all our new training courses and programs covering many of today’s important issues. 

The following courses have been recently introduced or updated:

Air Navigation Services

Air Navigation Services

Management of Air Navigation Services
(Classroom, 5 days)
Using examples and illustrations from ANSPs from around the world, this interactive course gives participants a solid knowledge of modern business management practices in air navigation services to help guide their organization to success.


Global Airport - Collaborative Decision Making
(Classroom and In-Company, 4 days)
Centered on a collaborative approach, this course provides techniques to enable airport and aircraft operators, ground handlers and air navigation service providers to optimize airport capacity through the clear and timely exchange of information.  

Performance-based Navigation Operational Approvals (Classroom and In-Company, 5 days)
The only course of its kind available on the Performance Based Navigation (PBN) approval process from the perspective of state regulators and the air operators; learn practical solutions for successfully implementing PBN.

 View the full list of courses in the Air Navigation Services program.

Airline Business Management

Airline Management

Tax Planning and Compliance for International Airline Professionals (Classroom and In-company, 5 days)
Our new tax planning course will help you better understand the fundamentals of taxation and the processes required for a successful compliance strategy. You’ll learn about different tax systems and tax treaty models, as well as emerging technologies related to tax and the aviation industry. Gain the skills to identify potential tax issues and make decisions to resolve or mitigate the possible risks.

Consumer Protection in Air Transport (Classroom and In-company, 3 days)
This new course provides a clear overview of EU Regulation 261/2004 to improve your familiarity with the air passenger claims process, court case precedents and other caveats. You’ll also gain insight into other EU passenger protection rules for fare transparency, regulations to protect the rights of passengers with reduced mobility, as well as similar rules in other regions.

Ancillary Revenue Strategies (Classroom and In-company, 4 days)
Ancillary revenue is generated by all airlines through sales to passengers as a part of the air travel experience. Sources include à la carte features, commission-based products, frequent flier programs and advertising. In the last decade, airlines have grown their ancillary revenues to nearly US$50 billion. Through case studies and classroom discussions, this new course demonstrates how ancillary sales work and their impact on airlines and distribution systems. You’ll also learn how to enhance your ancillary revenue stream.

Climate Change Policy and Aviation (Classroom and In-company, 3 days)
Designed by specialists from the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change and the International Civil Aviation Organization, this new course provides an introduction to climate change and international climate policies. You’ll understand the emerging climate policy landscape and its implications for the aviation sector. This course also covers practical information on carbon management strategies, including carbon offset best practices, aviation biofuels and other ‘win-win’ opportunities.

Airline Business Models and Competitive Strategies-Air Mercury™ Simulation Program  UPDATED
(Classroom and In-Company, 5 days)
Working in teams while using the latest simulation technology, explore the interrelated factors that affect airline profitability. Come away with a better understanding of competitive market dynamics and improve your problem solving and decision-making skills.

View the full list of courses in the Airline Business Management program.


Airline Operations, Quality and Audit

Ground Operations
(Classroom and In-Company, 5 days)
This new course allows participants to meet the requirements of the IOSA Standard and Recommended Practice (ISARP) ORG 3.4.13 and ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of the training curriculum for auditors who are assigned to conduct internal auditing against the ISARPs.


Airport Planning, Operations and Management

Airport Planning

Airport Strategic Management
(Classroom and In-Company, 10 days)
Following very positive feedback on our Air Mercury Simulation Program, we are introducing the same simulation technology to courses in the field of Airport Management. This first course, Airport Strategic Management, allows participants to understand what it takes to lead an airport to success.

Airport Route Development and Commercial Management  UPDATED
(Classroom and In-Company, 5 days)
This newly updated course shows how to design and implement a development strategy for two key revenue generators: routes and commercial management. Through intensive in-class exercises, participants will learn the right mix of services to satisfy customers, airlines and the bottom line.

View the full list of courses in the Airport Planning, Operations and Management program.

Aviation Finance and Accounting


SWIFT in the Aviation Industry
(Classroom and In-Company, X days)
SWIFT is the global banking standard used by over 12,000 banks worldwide. This new course gives you a complete overview of SWIFT products that banks offer to their corporate clients. You’ll get insights into the various messaging services, service models and connectivity options available to corporate customers in the aviation industry.

Revenue Accounting and Control Optimization  UPDATED 
(Classroom and In-Company, 3 days)
This workshop touches on the key areas for enhancing the Passenger Revenue Accounting and Control (PRAC) function. Improve performance by learning how to implement Activity-based Management.

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Aviation Law and Regulations

Aviation Law and Regulations

Aviation Law and Policy in the European Union (EU) and Asia-Pacific (ASPAC): Liberalization, Competition and Consumer Protection (Classroom and In-Company, 3 days)
Benefit from a hands-on approach to key topics including: liberalization of market access through multilateral agreements; competition issues relating to joint venture and alliance agreements; and consumer protection developments.

View the full list of courses in the Aviation Law and Regulations program.

Aviation Performance & Management

Aviation Performance

Business Ethics (Classroom and In-Company, 3 days)
Gain a broad understanding of business ethics and learn how to apply an ethical code of practice to influence behavior and contribute to bottom line performance. Participants will create their own business ethics code of practice during the course.

Effective Writing Skills (Classroom and In-Company, 3 days)
Good writing skills are a great asset no matter what your job. Learn how to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively in emails, reports, sales proposals, presentations and more.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Lite – Level 1 (Classroom and In-Company, 5 days)
Enhance your technical problem-solving skills to successfully participate in Six Sigma implementation projects. This course is the first of three required for Green Belt certification.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Classroom and In-Company, 3 days)
Offered in cooperation with Six Sigma Canada, this course provides an overview of Lean Six Sigma methodology and the Seven Basic Tools to support improvement projects. Successful completion of this course will earn Yellow Belt certification.

View the full list of courses in the Aviation Performance & Management program.

Aviation Safety

Aviation Safety

Root Cause Analysis (Classroom and In-Company, 5 days)
Learn the investigation and analysis techniques essential for compliance with ICAO and EASA Safety Management System (SMS) requirements as well as with IATA’s IOSA and ISAGO audit programs. This course provides instruction on problem-solving and corrective actions that can reap immediate benefits.

Safety Risk Management  UPDATED 
(Classroom and In-Company, 3 days)
During this course, participants will review their safety risk management processes in accordance with ICAO safety performance requirements. Learn how to improve operational safety by correctly identifying hazards, providing effective controls to mitigate safety risks, and reducing equipment loss and damage.

View the full list of courses in the Aviation Safety program.

Aviation Security


Aviation Cyber Security (Classroom or In-Company, 3 days)
This new course, developed to accompany the IATA Cyber Security Toolkit, illustrates cyber security threats with real-world examples and demonstrates the risks that these threats represent to the aviation industry. The course also provides tools to mitigate these risks, including instruction on how to set up a cyber security management system.

 Passenger Data Program (Classroom and In-Company, 3 days)
Unique in the marketplace, this course is in accordance with the joint ICAO/WCO program. It answers questions about API and PNR data, as well as the many standards used to transmit them. Working from the API-PNR Toolkit, practical exercises will help build a data program in accordance with international standards.

Aviation Cyber Security (Classroom and In-Company, 3 days)
Increase your awareness of common cyber-attack methods and potential vulnerabilities unique to aviation systems. Using case studies and demonstrations developed by IT experts, this in-depth training is in accordance with the IATA Cyber Security Toolkit.

View the full list of courses in the Aviation Security program.

Cargo and Dangerous Goods Regulations


Cargo Claims Handling and Procedures
(Classroom and In-Company, 2 days)
This new course provides up-to-date information on effective cargo claims handling and loss prevention. You’ll learn how to efficiently handle air cargo claims by studying existing legal instruments, key areas of claims, and claim documentation requirements. Review relevant procedures and best practices through recent examples of claims and court cases. A complimentary copy of the Cargo Claims & Loss Prevention Handbook is provided with the course material.

 Live Animal Regulations for Airport Check-in Staff
(eLearning, 2-3 hours)
A unique eLearning course providing detailed information on IATA Live Animal Regulations for airport, airline and ground operations check-in personnel, learn how to ensure that live animals are checked-in properly to protect their safety and welfare on the ground and in the air.

Unit Load Device Regulation (ULDR) Complete Level Training
(Classroom and In-Company, 3 days)
Personnel directly involved in ULD operations are required to train regularly on topics relevant to their job responsibilities. This comprehensive course covers all regulated operational topics.

IATA-Embry-Riddle Supply Chain Management Certificate
(two courses over 12 months)
This certificate consists of two courses: IATA’s Cargo Introductory and Embry-Riddle’s Integrated Logistics Management, combining IATA’s practical know-how with Embry-Riddle’s expertise in the systematic management of activities associated with the delivery of goods and services.

CEIV Pharma
The CEIV Pharma Logistics certification program creates a globally consistent and recognized pharmaceutical handling certification. Developed alongside the IATA Training and Development Institute, the two-day courses that form the foundation of the training phase of CEIV Pharma are Audit, Quality and Risk Management for Temperature Controlled Cargo and Temperature-Controlled Cargo Operations.

For those interested, the two CEIV Pharma courses can also be complemented with Temperature-Controlled Container Operations (Classroom, 2 days) course in order to attain the IATA Training and Development Institute’s Pharmaceutical Handling Diploma.

Pharmaceutical Handling Diploma
(four courses over 24 months)
Understand international regulations, national guidelines and operational best practices to handle temperature-controlled shipments; and learn how to build specialized pharmaceutical services into your daily operations. The four required courses are:

  • Temperature-controlled Container Operations (classroom, 2 days)
  • Risk Management for Temperature-controlled Cargo (classroom, 3 days)
  • Audit and Quality for Temperature-controlled Cargo (classroom, 5 days)
  • Temperature-controlled Cargo Handling (classroom, 3 days)

View the full list of courses in the Cargo and Dangerous Goods Regulations program.

Civil Aviation

Ground Operations
(Classroom and In-Company, 5 days)
From initial concept to launch, participants learn how to manage the creation of an autonomous Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Participants use case studies and exercises to learn how to create and implement an institutional reform project management plan, including defining a mission and structure. They will understand the steps needed to design a business plan, and how to determine an operating and capital budget.

View the full list of courses in the Civil Aviation program

Ground Operations

Ground Operations
Airport Marketing and Corporate Communications Strategies – UPDATED!
(Classroom and In-Company, 5 days)
Using the latest marketing methods, this course provides tools to maximize profit within a catchment area by attracting retailers and service providers. Learn to customize marketing campaigns to bring in new airlines and a higher flight frequency.

Aviation Fuel Management – UPDATED!
(Classroom and In-Company, 5 days)
Providing support for both airlines and employees of fuel suppliers, the Aviation Fuel Management course covers important topics related to fuel quality, safety, efficiency and the environment, as well as the jet fuel market, fuel budget and fuel tendering process.

A-CDM in Airport and Ground Operations –  NEW!
(Classroom and In-Company, 3 days) 
In this course participants will learn how to apply the techniques of collaborative decision making (CDM) in the context of airports (A-CDM) and ground operations, and how to unleash the power of shared information so that the impact of decisions on the work of the partners’ operations becomes visible.

Baggage Claims and Proration –  NEW!
(Classroom and In-Company, 3 days) 
When a bag is mishandled, the cost to recover it is shared between airlines. In light of updated IATA Resolution and new profiles, this course will help participants to better understand the essentials of the baggage proration process and learn baggage pro-rate from the moment of payment of passenger claim until the agreement is made and the settlement of pro-rate amounts between respective carriers takes place.

View the full list of courses in the Ground Operations program.

Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism
This introductory New Distribution Capability (NDC) training course provides an in depth review of the NDC financial simulator. Participants learn how to build and refine their NDC business case, and how to identify the most relevant deployment for their distribution strategy.
(Classroom and In-Company, 1.5 days)
The New Distribution Capability (NDC) Program is a travel industry-supported program launched by IATA for the development and market adoption of a new, XML-based data transmission standard (NDC Standard). 

(Classroom and In-Company, 3 days)
Middle or senior managers of corporate travel services are expected to balance cost with traveler expectations while also presenting important travel and financial data to their clients. This course will demonstrate how to deal with these challenges, whilst gaining control of travel and expenses through strategic management of a corporate travel program.

SMART Course (Selling and Managing Airline Reservations and Travel)
(eLearning, approx. 65 hours)
Learn how to make and manage bookings for flights, hotels and car rentals in the most widely used reservation booking systems: Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre. This training features a GDS simulation program which avoids the need to subscribe to live GDS access. Register for the courses by clicking on the links below.

Selling and Managing Airline Reservations and Travel in Amadeus (SMART Amadeus)
Selling and Managing Airline Reservations and Travel in Galileo (SMART Galileo)
Selling and Managing Airline Reservations and Travel in Sabre (SMART Sabre)

Passenger Fares & Ticket Alterations (eLearning, approx. 40 hours)
Developed for travel professionals with basic ticketing knowledge, this unique course is an opportunity to master complicated fare construction and ticket alterations. Study ticketing procedures and learn how to amend Electronic Ticket Records when customers change their travel reservations. Gain the skills to exchange and reissue tickets, process refunds, and collect rebooking fees.

View the full list of courses in the Travel and Tourism program.

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