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IATA Training Partner Network – Africa

The IATA Training and Development Institute (ITDI) is proud to announce that six African Authorized Training Centers (ATC) were recognized with ITDI’s 2015 Africa Top Performing Partner award. These ATC were recipients of this prestigious award as a result of the impressive number of students that they enrolled in 2014 and the stellar pass rates that they produced.

At the moment, ITDI has 44 ATC and 9 Accredited Training Schools (ATS) in Africa; this represents a high proportion of our overall Training Partner network. Africa has a very strong potential for growth and we continue to receive numerous applications from prospective organizations to join our Training Partner network.

The IATA brand

The IATA brand is very well recognized in the region and training organizations see the immediate benefit of partnering with IATA to deliver training solutions in their local market. IATA’s training material can be relied upon to be of a consistently high standard, leading to well-trained individuals ready to work in the aviation industry.

One of ITDI’s main areas of focus this year is to encourage our training partners to couple the theoretical course material that the students are taught in the classroom with practical training. Hands-on training in the form of internships, postgraduate job opportunities or even field trips enhances the student learning experience and provides a more holistic view of a job function.

Customer surveys

Another priority for ITDI is developing a Quality Management System that will allow us to further enhance the training we provide to our industry. We have already implemented one of the first steps, a customer satisfaction survey conducted after each exam session. This survey provides very good insight on the students’ perspective of IATA’s training content, partners and relevance to the industry.

In Africa, the response rate has been high and the vast majority of students are happy with the instructors, training facilities and course content. Feedback from the survey indicates that DGR is a course that a lot of students struggled with, simply because of the highly regulated nature of the material and the difficulty of the exam. As a result, we will be looking for ways to help improve the DGR exam results in the future.

The following chart demonstrates that survey results from the Africa and Middle East region are on par with the global average.


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