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Alexandre de Juniac
Alexandre de Juniac
Director General and CEO
International Air Transport Association
For a quarter of a century, the IATA Strategic Partnerships program has been a platform for industry collaboration. The Program has played an important role in some big changes, including transformational programs such as Simplifying the Business, where results could only be generated from an aligned industry effort.
The opportunities for effective collaboration are no less today than they were when the Strategic Partnership program began in 1990. Today, the Strategic Partnership community comprises some 400 businesses working alongside the IATA membership to address aviation’s most pressing issues—safety, security and distribution among them.
As the Strategic Partnership program marks the significant 25-year milestone, I want to extend a hearty thank you to the community of Strategic Partners for its many contributions. We share in a commitment to innovation and value creation to make aviation an ever safer, more secure, efficient and sustainable industry.
If you are not yet an IATA Strategic Partner, I invite you to become a member, and contribute your thought leadership for a stronger aviation industry.

Louise Denis
Louise Denis
Director, IATA Strategic Partnerships & Events
International Air Transport Association
Twenty-five years ago, airlines entered a new era of cooperation with industry suppliers playing an even greater role in developing new technologies for ticketing as well as for baggage and passenger handling. From this modest beginning has grown a vital partnership program with more than 40 areas of involvement.
The contributions of our Strategic Partners have enhanced the work of IATA over the past quarter century and have created value for airlines as well as Partners. Initiatives developed in collaboration with Strategic Partners have delivered many technical innovations, operational efficiencies and safety enhancements. Strategic Partners have benefitted by participating in workgroup and taskforce discussions as well as attending important networking opportunities such as IATA’s Annual General Meeting.
On this noteworthy anniversary, I wish to thank all Strategic Partners, whether new to the program or long-standing members, for the important role they play in the success of our industry. I am confident that the coming years will bring many new opportunities for continued innovation and growth.


Click below on the timeline to see some of the highlights of our 25 year history.

• IATA and Strategic Partnerships milestones

• Airline industry highlights


Strategic Partnerships is launched!

Focus on ticketing, baggage and passenger handling

Introduction of satellite communications on-board aircraft

Program expands to reservations, data automation and aircraft flight ops

First “Open Skies” agreement

Security is added to the program

IATA Travel Partners program was launched to promote multimodal transport (rail and ferry)

First flight of A321

Partners attend the Annual General Meeting

IATA‘s first Environmental Review was launched

B777 enters service

Boeing and McDonnell Douglass merge

Star Alliance is founded

IATA started developing standard fuelling procedures with partners

First web-based passenger check-in and online boarding

Inflight Council is set up to improve on-board safety, customer care, catering, and medical care

IATA Common Use Self Service Technical Guidelines were released to improve passenger flow

In-flight Internet access available

Simplifying the Business projects were launched

New message standards enable capture of API data at reservation

New message standards enable capture of API data at reservation

Radio frequency identification (RFID) testing

Common use self-service kiosks for check-in were put in place

First A380 enters service

100% electronic ticketing
100% bar-coded boarding passes

Delta and Northwest merge

IOSA Safety audits are mandated for all IATA members

Focus on biofuels

IATA started exploring alternatives to conventional jet fuel to reduce aviation carbon footprint

United and Continental announce merger

KLM is first airline to use biofuel in commercial flight

First commercial flight of B787 Dreamliner

American Airlines and U.S. Airways merge

IATA celebrates 70 year anniversary of Chicago Convention and 100 years of commercial flight

IATA Strategic Partnerships program celebrates 25 years

Number of Strategic Partners: Over 390

The IATA Strategic
Partnerships program:

We leverage our respective areas of expertise to build better standards and develop innovative solutions to industry challenges and priorities.


We share an invaluable platform to collaborate for mutual benefit on emerging issues and exchange on new ideas.


We deliver excellent opportunities to strengthen strategic business connections and learn about the needs of airlines directly from the executives who lead them.


We champion the global big picture to drive effective policy, benefit from cutting-edge technology and shape the future of the air transport industry.

25 Years of growth

For a quarter-century, Strategic Partners have played a key role in their respective fields of expertise to help bring new solutions to the world of air transport.

Strategic Partnerships areas of involvement

Over this remarkable period in the history of our fast-paced industry, the IATA Strategic Partnerships program has widened its scope from two to over 40 areas of involvement, spanning virtually all aspects of airline operations.

Number of Strategic Partnerships areas of involvement (please mouse over the graph to see the specific areas).

Within these areas, members contribute their in-depth knowledge and skills to more than 100 work groups and task forces.

390+ members around the world
100+ workgroups and task forces
For over 25 years, SITA and IATA have worked together to identify how technology can benefit the air transport industry and collaboratively facilitate the introduction of community solutions. As one of IATA's largest strategic partners, SITA contributes more than 60 years of industry know-how and experience, creating business solutions based on IATA’s industry standards, accessed via our global network and cloud services. We remain fully committed to contributing to IATA’s industry programs in order to better serve the air transport community with passenger and operational services critical to the future needs of airlines and airports, worldwide.
ARINC, now a part of Rockwell Collins, is pleased to have been an IATA Strategic Partner from the very inception of the program twenty-five years ago. As an IATA Strategic Partner, we have played a role in key initiatives such as the implementation of bar-coded boarding passes and electronic ticketing. We look forward to continuing to partner with IATA to deliver innovation and value to the aviation industry.
Building success together
Together, we are stronger

IATA and our Strategic Partners have been rapidly widening the scope of our shared expertise.

From a core group of nine founding members, IATA Strategic Partnerships has grown into an exclusive worldwide community that provides privileged access to a network of industry experts as well as to key decision-makers at the most influential industry gatherings such as the IATA Annual General Meeting. Strategic Partners come from every corner of the globe and from many industry segments, including airframe and engine manufacturers, financial institutions, aircraft leasing companies, Global Distribution System providers, IT and fuel suppliers, and many others.

Strategic Partners worldwide
Shaping the future
Network. Connect. Succeed.

1990-2015: Twenty-five years of innovation, teamwork and progress – this is an important milestone to celebrate!

Join us at this year’s IATA Annual General Meeting in Miami from June 7 to 9, 2015