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  1. 6 June 2012  - NEW -
    We'll be out and about to meet you at trade events! Find out more where you can find us on our page for events We look forward to welcoming you at our booth!

    1. 14 May 2012
      Get to know the world of Accor at special conditions!
      IATA is proud to announce its latest partnership with Accor, who supports the IATA/IATAN IDCard Program with amazing conditions on AgentExperience. In addition to the proposed Special Travel Agent Rate for your business and personal travel in more than 2600 locations you have the opportunity to discover Accor's hotel brands from budget to luxury.
      Make sure that you log on/register with to find out about all the details!

        1. 26 April 2012
          Advance your career & be recognized!
          The IATA Package for Travel Professionals is an opportunity that combines the value of industry recognition and career progress – exclusive to employees of travel companies with an IATA numeric code. Renew or sign up for the IATA/IATAN ID Card plus two IATA online training courses and benefit  3-fold:
          - Develop your career and get certified
          - Be recognized professionally
          - Enjoy exclusive travel benefits
          Find out more on the selection of courses and how to apply on

              1. 22 March 2012
                Is your professional development high on your list this year? The IATA/IATAN ID Card program's core vision is to provide travel agents with the opportunity to develop their product knowledge and sales expertise. We believe that a bonafide travel agent is also interested in further development to advance in the industry. Hence we will soon we will be able to offer you an exciting opportunity to combine recognition and development at great advantages. Watch this space

              2. 20 February 2012 
                Have a look at our newsletter to find out more about the latest editions to AgentExperience. The suppliers that have joined us in the past month enable you to experience their service at a signficiantly reduced price. It allows you as a travel professional to broaden your product knowledge, increase the your expertise in sales and customer consulting and gives you a head start in the competitive field of travel. Have a look at the newsletters or on the right hand sight and log on to

              3. 8 February 2012
                It was very good to see you at the HWS in Dublin - thanks for visiting our booth. We hope that we have been able to answer all your questions. Should you require further information don't hesitate to contact our customer service using the online portal.
                In order for you to make the most of our special offer of 50% on the IATA/IATAN IDCard application fee please ensure that we will receive your document with the promo code and photo by
                12 February 2012! Please submit everything using our customer service portal to ensure you benefit from our European Roadshow offer.

                The next opportunity to find out about the latest developments in IATA's agency programs and take avantage of our special offer is at the BTL in Lisbon. See our events pages for more details.

                1. 22 January 2012
                  Thank you for coming to see us at FITUR! If you haven't had a passport photo with you to complete the application at the booth, don't forget to send us the form and photo by the 5th February 2012 using our customer service portal to ensure you benefit from our European Roadshow offer.

                  The next opportunity to find out about the latest developments in IATA's agency programs and take avantage of our special offer is at the Holiday World Show in Dublin and the BTL in Lisbon. See our events pages for more details.

              4. 10 January 2012 
                In addition to our roadshow which is just about to kick off in Madrid with FITUR and continues in Dublin and Lisbon (see our events for more details) we are pleased to announce a very special partnership with the ITB Berlin. ITB Berlin and IATA have partnered to provide the IDCard holder with a reduction on the entry ticket to the worlds biggest trade show in March this year (7-11 March 2012). Find out the latest trends in travel, meet business partners and browse through the world in Berlin for only EUR 36. Find out more on the pages of the ITB Berlin here.

              5. December 2011
                we will start 2012 with a roadshow through Europe! Please come and visit us beginning of next year at our booth in the trade events in Madrid (January), Lisbon (January/February) and Dublin (February). There are some special offers waiting for you - please find out more on our events page. We look forward to meeting you!

              6. December 2011
                A lot of suppliers have joined AgentExperience and are recognizing the IATA/IATAN ID Card as the industry credential worldwide. Have a look at our latest additions in our newsletter (to the right) or log on to

              7. November 2011
                We are proud to have been able to maintain the same annual fee of the IATA/IATAN IDCard for many years. However now due to a significant increase in taxes in Canada we are unfortuanately forced to adjust the pricing of the ID Card in Canada. For employees of accredited agencies the fee will be CAD 35 instead of CAD 30 and for staff of TIDS agencies the fee rises to CAD 55 from CAD 50. Other regions remain unaffected.

              8. July 2011 
                Agents all over the world (except North Asia) can now pay for their ID Cards online.
                New Applications: Complete the ID Card Application Form and then IATA will contact you, by email, with your UIR Reference number in order to pay online. 
                Renewals: As soon as you receive your renewal notice simply go online and use your UIR Reference number to pay for your ID Card and then send us your renewal notice.
                => Please note that an ID Card renewal will only be effective if you have returned the signed renewal form and paid the annual fee.


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