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IATA Ops KPI offers airlines an easy way to monitor and improve their operational performance and fuel efficiency while reducing carbon emissions. Our user-friendly app provides a portal into airline performance in near real-time, with tracking of critical operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against internal targets and, optionally, external benchmarks.

IATA Ops KPI offers airlines a simple and efficient solution that ensures continuous and sustainable process improvement. 


What is IATA Ops KPI?

An innovative solution that analyzes flight and non-flight related data and allows monitoring, measuring and reporting on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from the overall airline level down to individual engines. The standardized KPIs were developed by IATA experts leveraging expertise gained through operational assessments of over 120 airlines around the globe.  

IATA Ops KPI offers an easy way to monitor and improve your airline’s operational performance and fuel efficiency while reducing carbon emissions. Our user-friendly app provides a portal into airline performance in near real-time, with tracking of critical operational KPIs against internal targets and, optionally, external benchmarks. 

With IATA Ops KPI, you will know immediately which targets are being met and where action needs to be taken.

Functionality highlights

IATA Ops KPI uses simple graphical representations to clearly display the operational performance of the airline. The all-encompassing Executive Panel as well as the Operations Panel present senior executives and managers with a comprehensive overview of major airline KPIs and related efficiency programs. Other panels (Dispatch, Flight Operations, Auxiliary Power Units, Maintenance & Engineering, and Weight Management) enable deeper drilldowns into the specifics of these individual disciplines.

IATA Ops KPI is designed to easily integrate into typical airline data sources to calculate and report the KPIs, and can be quickly adapted to include any new airline or industry reporting requirements.


  • Designed to function on iPad, iPhone and PC
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Data is ISO27001 secure
  • Availability and tracking of KPIs based on existing airline data feed
  • Targets tailored to specific airline initiatives

Features and benefits

IATA Ops KPI provides the following benefits and capabilities:

  • A high-level summary of the airline’s operational performance against company-set improvement targets in an easy-to-understand format 
  • Drilldown into individual operational areas and initiatives to monitor progress by fleet type or tail number, supported by a comprehensive filtering capability
  • Measure operational performance in near real-time
  • Direct visibility into conformity with established policies and procedures
  • Valuable benchmarking capability for participants in IATA’s data sharing program
  • Improved flight planning accuracy based on best practices for cost index calculation and weight control, yielding potentially substantial savings
  • Aircraft and engine performance monitoring with review process control to ensure up-to-date performance analysis and alerts on performance deviations for troubleshooting
  • Weight monitoring and review process control to ensure correct weights for the flight plan, enabling a more accurate flight profile calculation and fuel loading
  • Monitoring and tracking of flight and non-flight-related KPIs, for example:
    • Flight-related KPIs
      • Revenue ton kilometer
      • Fuel burn
      • On-time-performance
      • Optimized altitude and speed
      • Landing fuel
      • Engine-out taxi
      • Continuous climb and continuous descent
    • Non-flight-related KPIs
      • Auxiliary Power Unit utilization and compliance with local ground handling contracts
      • Ground Power Unit and Air Conditioning Unit utilization by ground handling companies 
      • Aircraft performance degradation vs. engine performance
      • Engine compressor wash
      • Scheduled maintenance
      • Potable water 
      • Pantry weight

For more information

See this product sheet: ​IATA Fuel Management Information System (pdf) and this brochure: IATA Fuel Efficiency Program (pdf)

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