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Smart Security Consulting

Current passenger screening works, but at great cost to the aviation industry, to authorities, and to passengers. Given the predicted growth in air travel, continuously evolving threats, and passengers becoming increasingly dissatisfied with queues and intrusive measures, today’s model is no longer sustainable.

Security measures must be tailored to an airport’s specific region needs and they must adapt as new technologies become available and as threats evolve. Therefore, IATA Consulting has developed the tools and expertise to help you ensure that your security operations are as efficient, passenger friendly and as secure as possible.

4 Packages to Reach to Smart Security

Our experts can support airports, airlines and screening authorities through the Opportunities Identification Package as a first step to identify and define the available solutions that will contribute to improve their passenger screening operations. Fees for these packages vary on selection and requirements of each airport.

1: Assessment and Opportunities Identification 

Analysis of the current security measures complemented by recommendations for improvements and opportunities.

  • Understanding the objectives and baseline
    • Define and document client’s objectives and requirements
    • Develop a thorough understanding of the current operational and regulatory environment 
  • Discussing the available solutions
    • Through a series of dedicated workshops, explore with the client the available solutions, processes and best practices that would help achieve the defined objectives
  • Defining high-level solutions and next steps
    • Outline recommended solutions including quick wins as well as medium- to long term actions, including potential checkpoint configurations
    • In function of the stated objectives, outline a step-by-step plan for checkpoint improvement, including the need for additional data gathering, trials and experiments

2: Security Solutions Definition

Comprehensive technical analysis and trials of possible security solutions providing detailed solution parameters to achieve smart security objectives.

  • Trial support 
    • Ensure efficient trial and data collection campaign
    • Ensure meaningful results of trial
    • Ensure trial report quality
  • Modelling and Simulation 
    • Ensure correctness and completeness of the underlying process model
    • Assist in the definition of scenarios to be simulated
  • Configuration Design 
    • Checkpoint layout
    • Lane configuration
    • High level functional and technical specifications
    • Process maps
  • SOP Review
    • Ensure that SOP allow operations to deliver the desired objectives for the checkpoint
  • Training Requirements Planning
    • Identify training needs and requirements to achieve operational objectives

3: Security Solutions Implementation

Assistance in the successful implementation of your new security solutions and ensure compliance with national regulations and international standards.

4: Evaluation and Improvement

Ensure that the new operations and personnel are performing adequately in order to meet set objectives and identify further opportunities to improve security.

Proven Track Record of Delivery

IATA has supported 30+ Smart Security initiatives around the globe

We have extensive experience to optimize your security operations and support you in your future plans. Leveraging IATA Consulting’s expertise built upon their past work, collaborating with regulators, exchanging with innovative airports and assessing opportunities for dozens others, our experts can support airports, airlines and screening authorities to improve their passenger screening operations.

What is Smart Security?

  Find out more about Smart Security

Smart Security Focus Areas

New innovative checkpoint components are becoming more and more available on the market. It is important to manage their integration into your checkpoint from initial discussions to the very end of implementation. To support you in this process, the Smart Security Subject Matter Experts can bring their proven expertise in the following areas: 
  • Lane automation
  • Passenger Screening
  • Cabin Baggage Screening
  • Centralized image processing
  • Checkpoint management and risk-based differentiation
  • Alternative measures and unpredictability measures

Find out more about the Smart Security program.

The Benefits of Smart Security

IATA Consulting’s Smart Security approach addresses three main fundamental dimensions to support operators in defining the best ways for passengers to proceed through security with minimal inconvenience, where security resources are allocated based on risk and where airport facilities are optimized: 

Strengthened security

  • Increase unpredictability
  • Better use of existing technologies  
  • Introduce new technologies with advanced capabilities 
  • Focus resources based on risk and advanced information

Increased operational efficiency

  • Increase throughput and capacity
  • Maximize airport assets (equipment and space) 
  • Optimize human resources 
  • Optimize cost per passenger

Improved passenger experience

  • Reduce queues and waiting times
  • Use technology for a less intrusive and disruptive search
  • Reduce divestment requirements 


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