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ATPCO, IATA, and ARC (AIA) are industry-owned entities with a common goal to deliver value through cost reductions in airline industry processes, by introducing and supporting solutions in revenue accounting.

The AIA suite of products helps automate and simplify your airline’s revenue accounting and interline billing processes. We offer:

  • Neutral Fare Proration (NFP), offered by ATPCO and Accelya: you can receive coupon values for proration, interlineable taxes, interline service charges and handling fees from an independent proration system, powered by APEX®. As part of the service, billings through Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) from your AIA Services partners are checked against the NFP values so you can make sure that you are being billed with trusted, neutrally determined amounts.
  • Own Prorate Exchange: as an AIA member, you can exchange prorate results from your own system with your interline partners, reducing the cost of interline settlement.
  • First & Final™ Interline Billing: go to the next level of automation by bilaterally agreeing with your interline partners that billed coupon values will be validated against your Neutral Fare Proration or Own Prorate Exchange values allowing acceptance without audit. This eliminates the rejection process and the need for retrospective revenue adjustments. Therefore, “First” time billings are “Final”.
  • Auto-Billing: a fully automated interline process, which automatically creates your invoices based on your coupons uplifted on your interline partners’ tickets. Neutral Fare Proration or Own Prorate Exchange values are retrieved from the ARC COMPASS Database, sent to SIS to automatically build your weekly interline invoices and settle through the Clearing House

For more information, please contact aia@iata.org

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