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IATA FraudClear

Fraud prevention managemen​t tool

The 0.3% average airline card not present fraud-to-sales ratio is an overhelming concern for Agents and Airlines alike.

IATA FraudClear enjoys the unique advantage of being able to automate messages in the PNR for an Agent or Airline to act upon, or even to take action such as voiding, suspending or cancelling a ticket. ​​​​​​

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  • IATA FraudClear is designed solely and specifically for the travel industry. It connects to all major Computer Reservations Systems (CRS) and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and interacts directly with each system: read and write 
  • The Passenger Name Record (PNR) data is not only analyzed straight from the airline Passenger-Service System (PSS) but interaction based on fraud scoring is also executed directly in the PSS allowing thus a very high degree of automation: cancel, auto-cancel date, suspend or Void, Queuing, etc
  • As the system connects directly to major GDS /PSS, it is the only system to be able to also analyze bookings generated by indirect channels: OTAs (Online travel agents) or other travel agents
  • The IATA FraudClear enables airlines to export their black and white lists data into the system while profitting from existing data acquired daily through OTAs, travel agents and other airline customers. The tool also connects systems including, but not limited to, IATA Perseuss and Ethoca​ and uses the provided information to enhance scoring​

Pricing information

IATA FraudClear is open to all airlines and travel agents. A  fee is designed to recover the cost of developing and maintaining the service.​  

For more information download the product brochure in English (pdf), Spanish​ (pdf) and Portuguese (pdf) and contact cardservices@iata.org should you have any questions.

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