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WEBLink - Your direct link to the BSP

WEBLink is a reporting system that allows airlines to feed travel agent direct sales into the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) systems for processing and settlement.

Reduce your distribution costs

  • With WEBlink, you increase your agency direct sales penetration while decreasing global distribution cost.
  • Travel agents can now book and issue tickets on your reservation system and still settle through the BSP using WEBLink.

Increase your sales and distribution efficiency

  • Maximize the efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of your distribution mix.
  • Get the benefits of the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).
  • Significantly extend your distribution and sales worldwide with an availability in all BSPs.

Join 40 airlines who already trust WEBLink

WEBLink suits any airline business model, including ticketless and low cost carriers, as well as IATA accredited travel agencies.

How WEBLink works

  • WEBLink accepts, via BSPLink, one of two predefined file formats (RET and TCN) from your airline. This file contains the direct agency bookings from your website. These direct sales tickets are issued using your own ticket stock (airlines own form codes) as per the Passenger Services Conference resolutions.
  • It parses the file by country, validates the integrity of each transaction, and generates an error report when necessary. The WEBLink error report is returned to you via BSPLink. There are two levels of validation: 'warnings' are passed through to the DPC for processing, and 'errors' are rejected and sent back to you.
  • WEBLink generates a DISH standard RET file, which is sent to the DPC for processing in the normal way. A RET file is generated for each country as needed. Tickets are sent to the DPC for processing on a one-to-one basis, facilitating integration into existing systems (i.e. WEBLink transactions form part of the normal HOT file).
  • WEBLink enables you to receive all the traditional BSP output, including Billing reports, HOTs, and RET Validation Reports, by integrating your direct sales into the standard BSP process in place today.


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How Weblink work (pdf).

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