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What is the iiNET Service?

  • iiNET is an electronic data exchange and data distribution service that enables industry partners to communicate time sensitive information in a secure, reliable and cost-effective environment.

Why should I use iiNET Services?

  • Our goal is to simplify and automate your business processes. By providing a user-friendly, platform independent application, we enable you to communicate with your trading partners worldwide. You don't need to concern yourself with their systems capabilities or limitations. iiNET offers you a "one link" e-solution and we ensure your trading partner has the solution that fits their needs.

What is the difference between the Data Exchange Service and the Information Gateway Service?

  • The Data Exchange service supports the exchange of data file between any two or more iiNET enabled trading partners. Customers subscribed to this service can both submit and receive data through their account.
    The Information Gateway service provides publishers of information the e-distribution solution for their publications and data files. It facilitates both "one to one" and "one to many" distribution relationships. Customers subscribed to this service can only either submit or receive data via their account and may not perform two way exchanges with their trading partners.

What data and / or file types can be transferred via iiNET Services?

  • iiNET services support any electronic data and file type or format. There are no practical file size limitations or format restrictions. Companies have direct control of the content, branding and look and feel of their electronic documents. This ability to generate complete, content rich electronic data files to replace traditional media promotes costs savings and timely delivery of sensitive information.

Is the application user-friendly?

  • Customer feedback has indicated that the iiNET Online is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Files can be sent, retrieved and tracked at a click of a button and Quick Reference Guides are provided.

How much does it cost to use the iiNET?

  • This will typically vary according to the kind of service you require. You can contact our Customer Care team at +1 514 390-6800 or care@iinet.org for further information.


What connectivity options does iiNET offer?

  • iiNET provides multiple online and host-to-host interface options.
    iiNET Online is a web-based application accessible via HTTP & HTTPS Internet or a secure network provider.
    iiNET Direct is a host-to-host interface providing an automated and permanent IP connection to the iiNET services based on FTP protocols.

Is iiNET easy to install?

  • Yes. If you select iiNET Online, a web application, there is no software installation required for access via the Internet. However, if you wish to navigate on a secure private network, you may require installation for the Secure Access Provider dialer.

Do I have to use Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator when accessing iiNET Online?

  • No. Although we recommend and support these two browsers, iiNET Online is accessible via most other browsers. However, please be reminded that the performance of the service may vary if using other browsers.

I would like to activate an iiNET account, how do I go about it?

  • Contact iiNET Customer Care at +1 514 390 6800 or care@iinet.org for full details.

How long does it take to activate an account once I have qualified as a customer?

  • Account creation for iiNET Online can take from 24 hours to 7 days depending on the type of access required.
    Implementation of iiNET Direct can take from 4–12 weeks depending on the automation option and network provider selected.

Do I require a separate telephone line to access iiNET Online?

  • You do not require a phone line if you use a Corporate Network or Local Area Network which has Internet access. Otherwise, you do require a phone line and access to an Internet service provider.

After a file has been transferred, how long is it available for download on the iiNET?

  • Depending on the service type, a file sent via the iiNET is available for 5 to 60 days after the submission date.

Should I lose or misfile an important file, can iiNET help me retrieve it?

  • If the file is still available online, the data can be downloaded as often as needed. However, if it is has surpassed the file retention time only files on the iiNET Data Exchange service can be retrieved from archived files for up to one year. Users can contact care@iinet.org and, for a minimal fee, archived files can be made available to the client.

How would I know if a file was still available for download?

  • By using the iiNET tracking function, a client can verify if a file is still available for download.

Can you tell me about the Tracking Tools function?

  • iiNET provides a web-based file tracking function to both the submitting and receiving parties. All files transferred via any iiNET service are given a unique file tracking number. The tracking tools identify to the sending party that the file transfer has been successfully completed and whether or not the receiving party has retrieved the file. When the recipient party accesses the tracking function, they can see if a file has been received and whether or not that file has been downloaded and by which user.

Is there a file limitation or format that must be followed?

  • There is no limitation on the size or the format of the file being submitted, although it is recommended that files be transmitted compressed as this can reduce costs. The upload and download times are also greatly reduced when files are compressed.

Is technical support available?

  • Yes, technical support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They can be contacted at +1 514 954 7098 or support@iinet.org


How can my business benefit from using iiNET?

  • Time, cost savings and operational efficiency are just some of iiNET's main advantages. Reduce costs by eliminating the need for traditional media (labor, handling, courier, tapes/cartridges and CDs costs). Eliminate unnecessary delays and enable greater productivity. Files are delivered electronically therefore minimizing the likelihood of corrupted or unreadable data. The transfer process is instantaneous. The data flows from system to system thereby speeding up the process of receiving data and removing delivery delays. You gain access to the major players of the travel and tourism industry already connected to our large network community.

I am not an Airline, but I do business with them. How can iiNET help me?

  • iiNET allows you to transfer classified, time sensitive data directly to other travel and tourism partners. The iiNET team will communicate with your airline contact, advise them of your interest and work with you to set up the process(es).

Can iiNET provide me with a centralized location where I can deliver all my products electronically without the need to manage multiple network links to my trading partners?

  • Yes, most definitely. With iiNET you can benefit from a single IT solution to deliver electronic data files to your customers worldwide. iiNET allows you to streamline your distribution operations and eliminate the costs of maintaining and managing multiple network links.

Currently, I ship my data products via courier to airline worldwide on CD, diskettes and paper. Why should I switch to iiNET?

  • iiNET enables secure delivery of data products to the customer electronically in a timely manner. Switching to the iiNET service will enhance the value of your data products and help you promote customer loyalty by providing value-added services.


I have business partners that are interested in iiNET. What can I do to implement my partner on iiNET?

  • Contact iiNET Customer Care at +1 514 390-6800 or care@iinet.org. We will co-ordinate their implementation.

Are iiNET Services available only to Airlines?

  • No, iiNET is currently being used by a wide variety of travel industry partners such as GDS', Hotel Chains, Travel Agency Chains, Car Rental Companies, to name a few. If you are a travel industry partner and require iiNET services to support your business processes you can be eligible to join our growing network of industry players.

As an iiNET client, can I send data to any other iiNET clients?

  • Yes. You can exchange any type of data with any client if you are subscribed to our Data Exchange service. However, we recommend that you co-ordinate new data transfers with the iiNET team to set-up directory structures or new users, if needed.

How can I find out if my trading partners are subscribed to iiNET?

  • As an iiNET customer you will have access to the iiNET Recipients List, which contains all clients registered with iiNET. However, ensure that you contact iiNET customer care before sending any new data to recipients registered with iiNET to co-ordinate the account structure.

Is there a way to customize my most used recipients list?

  • Yes, iiNET has an option called the "Bookmarked Recipients" list, which enables users to create and manage their own customized iiNET recipient drop down menu when using the "Submit a File" option.

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