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Joining SIS

​The following steps are required in order to participate in SIS as an Airline participant. Please consult the SIS Joining Checklist (pdf) for more details on the basic joining requirement steps below:

  1. Read and complete the IS Participation Agreement
  2. Complete and return the Super User Details
  3. Optional - Complete the Bank Details form to have your bank details shown on electronic invoices not settled via IATA Clearing House (ICH)
  4. Copy of Company Registration (Translated to English)
  5. List of shareholders and their percentage of ownership (Translated to English and provided on Company Letterhead) Including: 

    • Number of shares issued
    • Percentage of ownership per shareholder
    • Signed by an officer of the company
    • If one of the shareholders is a company, we would require the breakdown of the shares and the passport of each owners

Upon completion of these steps, please send the required documents to sishelp@iata.org and a specialist will be in touch with you to finalize your joining process.

Participants planning on submitting billing data to SIS using IS-format files (IS-IDEC, IS-XML) will require to conduct prior testing and certification. Information on how to begin testing as well as the minimum requirements for obtaining file certification are available in the sign up and certification guide (.zip).

Connect to ICH for Settlement

The IATA Clearing House (ICH) provides settlement services for the air transport industry. It enables the world's airlines and industry suppliers to settle their Passenger, Cargo, Miscellaneous/Non-Transportation and UATP billings by ap​plying the principles of off-set and netting. The ICH also offers protection in the event of a payment default and/or bankruptcy.



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