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Joining SIS

The following steps are required in order to participate in SIS. Prior to completing these requirements, please also consult the FAQ section to make sure your organisation is eligible to join SIS.

  1. Review the participation materials (ISPG, Sign-up Guide, User Guide) and make the necessary system/business changes in your internal billing & settlement processes
  2. Read and complete the IS Participation Agreement and the Schedule of Implementation (as per Section 4.6). You may download both in a ZIP file from the Joining Documents on the right. Instructions for returning this agreement can be found in the Joining SIS Requirements CHECKLIST
  3. Complete and return the Super User Details form and, if applicable, the Bank Details form (for bilateral settlement only). These are found in Annex 1 and 2 of the Sign-Up and Certification Guide (zip)
  4. Complete the iiNET account setup for file transfer
  5. Perform iiNET Connectivity Testing to FTP server
  6. Perform Sandbox and Certification Testing for IS-format files (IS-IDEC, IS-XML)

Upon completion of these steps, you will be able to gain access to the Integrated Settlement (IS) web interface (IS-Web) and be able to submit/receive files from IS.

  • To help guide you through the above steps, please use the Joining SIS R​equirements Checklist (pdf) while preparing for your SIS implementation.

Connect to ICH for Settlement

The IATA Clearing House (ICH) provides settlement services for the air transport industry. It enables the world's airlines and industry suppliers to settle their Passenger, Cargo, Miscellaneous/Non-Transportation and UATP billings by ap​plying the principles of off-set and netting. The ICH also offers protection in the event of a payment default and/or bankruptcy.

For more information, please visit How to join ICH 



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