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On this page you will find all industry presentations relating to SIS and the most recent issues of the SIS Bulletin.

SIS Bulletins


Issue 2 (pdf) August
Issue 1 (pdf) August
Issue 1 (pdf) July
Issue 1 (pdf) June
Issue 1 (pdf) May
Issue 2 (pdf)  ​March​​​​​
Issue 1​​ (pdf)  March    
Issue 1​ (pdf) February​​
Issue 1 (pdf)​ January

Previous SIS Bulletins

2016 SIS Bulletins (zip)
2015 SIS Bull​etins (zip)​
2014 SIS Bulletins (zip)

World Financial Symposium (WFS) Singapore 2016

SIS 5th General Meeting Presentations

Meeting Minutes​ (pdf)
SIS Steering Group Report (pdf)
Industry Update Economic Perfomance (pdf)
SIS GM4 Action Items Update (pdf)
SIS General Update (pdf)
SIS Infrastructure Update (pdf)
Supplier to Airline e-Invoicing Update (pdf)
Pax Rejection Memo Reductions (pdf)
SIS Data Quality for Miscellaneous Invoices (pdf) 
SIS Suppliers Onboarding (pdf)
SIS-e Invoicing Supplier Experience Feedback - Heathrow Airport (pdf)
SIS Suppliers Onboarding experience Lufthansa​​ (pdf)​
SIS Lessons Learnt & New Functionalities (pdf)
SIS Legal compliance Update (pdf)
IATA Customer Portal​​ (pdf)​
​Financial Services Architecture "With Notes" (pdf)
Financial Services Architecture "Without Notes" (pdf)

Presentation packs

Previous SIS General Meeting Presentations


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