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Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Service

IATA’s Flight Data Analysis (FDA) Service is a flight data analysis service for airlines wishing to outsource this function to an external provider.
FDA saves airlines from having to recruit internal flight data expertise and having to purchase associated systems, by providing direct access to the very best analysts and methodologies available today.
The value of FDA is further enhanced by our unique ability to share lessons learned across the airline community to increase global industry safety levels.​
Outsourcing FDA work to IATA is a cost effective way to meet:​

  • The recommendations of the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)
  • The standards and best practices of the International Civil Organization  (ICAO)

The Fut​ure of the FDA ​Se​rvice

We're pleased to announce a new safety collaboration with Flight Data Services, as of Spring 2016. The new FDA Service, called Flight Data Connect, will be delivered via the web-based POLARIS platfo​rm which will also be used as the core engine of our Flight Data eXchange program.  Both these programs will be coupled with a state of the art private cloud infrastructure, with a capacity throughput of 400,000 flights per day. 


  • Secure fully automated data transfer system
  • Unlimited users with comprehensive control of each user’s access Permissions
  • Fast data processing – review urgent maintenance issues within minutes of upload
  • Web display with interactive graphs, cockpit displays, maps and more
  • Interactive statistics let you drill down on your trends
  • Benchmarking* lets you compare your safety parameters against other operators
  • Geographic displays to analyse event clusters
  • Built-in airport database with take-off and landing weather
  • Guest access lets you show crew their own flights
  • Optional email alerts to inform crews of events on their flights
  • Automated data export to your engine health monitoring system 


  • Eliminate need for internal flight data expertise and processing software
  • Benefit from IATA economies of scale, lower set-up and on-going costs
  • Rely upon a neutral and highly trusted organization
  • Be part of a network of industry leading flight data analysts from aircraft manufacturers, governments, and airlines
  • Over 60 years combined experience between IATA and Flightscape in FDA and accident/incident investigation
  • Lower training, maintenance and operational costs
  • No specific hardware required

Who can benefit from our FDA services?

  • Vice President Operations
  • Vice President Safety
  • Director Safety
  • Flight Safety Manager
  • Director Operations
  • Fleet Managers
  • Pilots and Engineers

How to launch your FDA program?

Please contact us at fda@iata.org for an IATA FDA service technical & sales visit.
For further information on the program please consult the FDA frequently asked questions (pdf)

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