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STEADES Partner Program

Airlines use a variety of different software and formats for the management of their operational safety reports. To participate in STEADES, the airline data must align with the STEADES format. In some cases, aligning data formats and mapping descriptors can be complex and time consuming for airlines, thus delaying the delivery of data and impacting the STEADES community.

Simplifying Safety Data Sharing

The STEADES Partnership Program recognizes air safety reporting software providers whose products facilitate submission of data to STEADES.

The program creates a bond and approval process for data export formats between IATA and the software provider and ensures seamless data submission regardless of changes made to the client software, the STEADES descriptors or data fields.

STEADES partners

  • Superstructure Group is the first STEADES Partner to ensure seamless transmission of data to IATA STEADES via its  AQD software. 

Negotiations are underway with other software providers. 

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