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Business Intelligence Services

A full package of services for tapping into new opportunities

IATA’s Business Intelligence & Statistics Services are focal point for information services within the aviation industry.

By bringing together traffic statistics, airport market intelligence, cargo market intelligence, market research, airline passenger market intelligence, and a variety of other services, our clients will obtain a timely access to comprehensive, high-quality industry intelligence.    


Product Description

AirportIS is the most comprehensive aviation database available in the marketplace, capturing 100% of traffic around the world and bringing together total market supply and demand under the single platform.

Key features: Schedules and capacity information; O & D global traffic flows with connecting traffic; Full itineraries, including airline details; Class-of-service and travel-month data; Average fares and much more

Suggested for: Airports


Airs@t is a passenger satisfaction benchmarking survey designed for airlines. Track and compare your customer satisfaction ratings with that of your competitors.  The in-depth research covers all travel service aspects of the pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight passenger travel experience.

Key features:  Satisfaction benchmarks for 23 major airlines; information from  passengers travelling from 27 airports; feedback from over 40,000 passengers per year; survey details on more than 50 measured attributes

Suggested for: Airlines (multiple departments), Aircraft Manufacturers & Other Providers Servicing Different Airlines Touch Points.


A flexible online reporting tool providing access to airfreight market intelligence.

Key features:  Market activity can be drilled down to specific trade lanes; Format permits data to be shared in different levels of granularity; Access to air freight data at all times; Company vs. market comparison; Origin and destination at airport level; Top 10 airline; Top 10 agents; Top 25 destination cities

Suggested for: Airlines, Freight Forwarders, GSAs, etc. 

Carrier Tracker

The timeliest report for monthly airline traffic monitoring, representing the entire industry and all regions.

Key features:  Precise, absolute market size data of actual traffic performed; Global coverage of both passenger and cargo traffic; Covers the traffic of all airlines, including low-costs, regional, and cargo-only operators; Inclusion of both international and domestic markets; Historical data going back to the year 2000; Monthly data, in Excel format

Suggested for: Airlines, Airports, Industry Supply Chain (manufacturers, simulators, retail, fuel, catering, etc.), Travel Industry Affiliated (tourism boards, cruiseliners, carrental, transportation boards, hotel chains, etc.), Industry Observers, Consulting Agencies, Financial Industry, Governments & Academic.

Data Air House

A secure and simple solution to integrate multiple data sources and internal airline data through a dedicated web tool, without the need for large IT investment and associated overhead.

Key Features: Get critical information on demand; Create custom reports quickly and easily with expert support; Access global ticketed data daily using superior IT platform; Save a minimum US $100-500K per year on IT and specialized staff; Focus on core business and exploiting opportunities

Suggested for: Airlines.

Direct Data Solutions

Direct Data Solutions provides the travel industry with timely, accurate, cost-effective access to global airline sales data. An all-in-one source, this innovative initiative is led by IATA and ARC. The service is built on the travel agency sales data captured through IATA and ARC's financial settlement systems and ticket sales contributed by airlines participating into the program. The world's leading airlines are actively contributing their sales data to the program, providing unprecedented visibility into both direct and indirect channel activity. Together, these sources represent the industry's most unique repository of airline sales data available.

Key features:  Out-of-the-box analytics capability with no airline IT investment, convenient 24/7 online access, robust query and export capabilities for analysts and other power users, multiple visual display options speed data comprehension by non-technical staff. Optional full-market estimates are available.

Suggested for:  Airlines.


Reports provide accurate ‘’snapshot’’ of airline passenger flows worldwide. MarketIS is essential to strategic analyses for any business connected to the broader travel and tourism industry.  

Key features: Provides accuracy and detail on actual ticketed data calibrated to 100% of market size; True origins and destinations, route segments and specific regions; Full itinerary including airlines and connecting points; Country of sale, point of sale and service class details; Passenger flow, Revenue, Average fare, RPK, Yield; Sales month and travel month

Suggested for:  Financial Institutions, Travel & Tourism Boards, Railway Operators, Research Institutions, Trade Associations, Consulting Firms, Publishing Companies, Retail  Sector (Duty Free), Aircraft Manufacturers.





The most comprehensive airline passenger market intelligence database available today, with accurate, reliable and affordable data captured through IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).

Key features: Strong data coverage worldwide, standard and clean data (ready-to-use), customized outputs tailored to client's specific data request, web tool and flat file data delivery protocols.

Suggested for: Airlines.

World Air Transport Statistics (WATS)

Complete statistical picture of the airline industry

Key features: Traffic operations, performance, rankings, supply of air transport

Suggested for:  Airlines, Airports, Financial institutions, Consulting Firms, Educational Institutions, Aviation Manufacturers, Technical Staff & All Levels Of Management.


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