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CargoIS Business Intelligence Package

The Business Intelligence Package is the most comprehensive CargoIS solution for the air cargo market.  Data is provided in raw format which means it can be integrated into any Management Information System (MIS). 

CargoIS Business Intelligence Package reveals critical pieces of transactional data between airlines and their freight forwarders.  Over 30 million AWB records reflect the business of over 100,000 different international airport-to-airport trade lanes.  It can drill down market activity to specific weight brackets within specific trade lanes, reveal which agents to focus on and which airlines are more relevant to one's success.

The fact that the data comes in "raw" format permits head office to share data across its organization in different levels of granularity, i.e. regional, country, city and airport (station) specific.  This helps users safeguard information without excessive centralization.  In addition, different and more diversified data feeds can be integrated into the package.

CargoIS Business Intelligence Package is available for Airlines, Agents and Third Parties, and is currently the source of information for every major airline and forwarder worldwide. 

Please contact CargoIS or your IATA Regional Sales contact for more information about Business Intelligence Package File Specifications.

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