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CargoIS Web Tool

Instant Access to Airfreight Market Intelligence

The CargoIS web tool is a flexible online reporting tool with access to the unparalleled depth  and breadth of airfreight market inteligence.  The web tool is currently available to airlines and their GSAs.  GSAs can have multiple airlines in their subscription.


CargoIS Web Tool Benefits:

  • Access the air freight data based on actual transactions at all times 
  • Understand and monitor your market share on your most important routes
  • Compare your yield against the market 
  • Analyze new markets and develop new routes 
  • Adjust your pricing strategy based on transactional data


CargoIS Web Tool Features:

  •  Company vs. market comparison (Third parties will only see market information)
  •  Current vs. previous year comparison
  •  Breakdown by agents (available to airlines only) / airlines (available to agents only)
  •  Breakdown by six weight categories
  •  Origin and destination at airport level
  •  Metrics include weight, weight and other charges, i.e. fuel and security, and number of shipments.
  •  Customized or template reports modules

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