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Marketing Data Package

The Marketing Data Package is the perfect option for companies looking to promote their products and services to the worldwide community of IATA travel agencies. Offered on subscription with monthly updates, the Marketing Data Package is the most cost-effective marketing listing you can rely on.
Delivered electronically in Excel® format and suitable for any applications designed to mass-email, this products is essential to:

  1. Feed a mass-emailing application with over 80,000 records
  2. Target your communications based on geographic criteria
  3. Personalize your communications using the agency name
  4. Gain access to agency business profile (US Agencies only)

Information FieldsData CoverageDelivery FrequencyFile Format
Main Agency data fields included:

  1. Agency Legal Name
  2. Agency Trading Name
  3. Agency Email Address
  4. Agency Geographic Area
  1. Agency City
  2. Agency Type
  3. Agency Country
  4. Agency Business Profile (US Agencies only)

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