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Aviation Ground Handling Report

The aviation industry is poised for a sustained period of growth over the next 20 years, with global passenger numbers set to double to 8.2 billion by 2037. 

Accommodating increasing passenger numbers and cargo volumes will require operators to reinforce the industry’s talent pool. Previous IATA research suggests that Ground Operations is one of the key sectors anticipated to have the highest demand in the coming years. 

Attracting, developing & retaining talent

A recent global study conducted by IATA  estimated that today there are around 135,000 employees worldwide that require aviation training within Ground Operations organisations. The most important training areas include Safety & Regulations, Security and Operations. 

This report is based on a global study of 300 structured interviews followed by 14 in-depth interviews conducted with HR leaders of major Ground Operations organisations. All research participants were selected following careful consideration of their responsibilities and to ensure representation of all major geographic regions, and a range of business sizes.

Key Findings include:
  • The ‘tipping point’ for employee retention is six months
  • Attracting talent is the biggest challenge faced by aviation ground operations sector
  • The greatest competition for talent is not within the industry

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