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The IATA Ground Handling Conference (IGHC) is the premier annual ground handling industry conference in the world.

Immediately following the 2019 IGHC event, IATA will be offering short versions of several of its key ground handling courses, to meet the needs of the ICHC audience. ​The courses have been condensed to follow the IGHC on Wednesday afternoon until Friday.

When registering for these condensed courses, please choose the sessions in Madrid, 29-31 May 2019, and be sure to use the discount codes to secure preferential pricing.

Ground Handling Courses

  1. A-CDM in Airport and Ground Operations

    Learn how to apply the techniques of collaborative decision making (CDM) in the context of airports (A-CDM) and ground operations, and how to unleash the power of shared information so that the impact of decisions on the work of the partners’ operations becomes visible.

    Learn how to build trust among partners to ensure the willingness to both share information and use the shared information, resulting in better informed decisions and increase the efficiency of airports and the on-time-performance of ground operations. 

  2. Baggage Tracking – Implementation and Compliance

    The aim of Resolution 753 is to encourage airlines to further reduce baggage mishandling by implementing cross-industry tracking for every baggage journey.

    Explore the different options to track baggage, as well as how tracking data can be exchanged with other parties; who would record tracking data; when it would be exchanged; and the technologies that could be used for this exchange. You will also investigate how member carriers, airports, interline, and ground handling partners can work together to implement a cost effective compliance to the resolution. 

  3. Emergency Planning and Response for Airports and GSPs

    The Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is an invaluable tool for all airport stakeholders, providing clear direction for action and exposing pain points that could aggravate a real response.

    This course helps you to develop a response plan that brings together aircraft operators, airport authorities, ground service providers and state emergency response agencies. 

  4. Security Management Systems - SeMS

    Learn the essentials of IATA’s SeMS initiative and how it can make your organization IOSA compliant.

    This course provides a structured approach to security process implementation in accordance with IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) requirements. In daily classroom exercises, begin building a performance-based SeMS that produces measurable and auditable results. 

  5. SGHA-SLA and Effective Negotiation Behaviors

    Learn about the latest updates and how to use the IATA SGHA as a commercial agreement and services description document.

    This course covers the SGHA section by section, giving you the foundations to write the Annex B and Service Level Agreement (SLA) accurately and effectively. Learn how to enhance cooperation, efficiency and savings in your negotiations through technical training and exercises that replicate today’s global marketplace. 

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