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Live Animals Regulations (LAR) Training

The IATA Live Animals Regulations (LAR) is the global standard and the essential guide to transporting animals by air in a safe, humane and in a cost-effective manner.

Whether you are a shipper, freight forwarder, airline, or animal care professional, these courses will ensure you know the correct container specifications and handling procedures for a variety of animal species.

Via distance learning

Live Animals Regulations (LAR) - Acceptance Staff (eLearning) - 3 hours
Accepting live animals at the check-in desk requires proper awareness of the IATA Live Animals Regulations. This course provides you with the global standard for transporting live animals by air. You will learn everything you need to know to ensure that live animals are checked-in properly to help avoid issues on board.

Live Animals Regulations (LAR) (Distance Learning) - 4-6 hours
IATA's Live Animals Regulations course will teach you how to transport live animals by air safely, in the correct container and with the correct documentation. Learn about container requirements, documentation requirements, and awareness of animals’ health. Learn how to comply with standards and international welfare regulations.

In the classroom

Live Animals Transportation - classroom, 3 days
Whether you are a shipper, a freight forwarder, an airline, or an animal care professional, a working knowledge of LAR is a must to ensure that live animals are transported humanely and in compliance with airline regulations and animal welfare standards.

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