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RAMPVR Virtual Reality Training

RAMPVRTM is IATA's award-winning “plug-and-play” virtual reality training solution for ground operations.

RAMPVR combines high-spec virtual reality hardware and software with IATA training for ground operations professionals. Complement theoretical knowledge with effective practical training in a very realistic environment, without disrupting active operations on the ramp.

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The “flight simulator” for ground ops​

RampVR Virtual Reality for Ground Operations

RAMPVR complies fully with the standards of the Airport Handling Manual​ and the IATA Ground Operations Manual.

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Typical ground ops training challenges avoided​

RAMPVR accurately replicates the ramp environment and avoids the typical challenges of ground ops training:

  • Airside can be a dangerous and noisy training environment
  • Training cannot be performed at night or during adverse weather conditions
  • Time available for training is limited due to operational restrictions and aircraft availability
  • Airside access requires rigorous background checks for trainees
  • Abnormal scenarios are difficult to replicate in live operations
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​Distinctive features

Unlike “live” training, RAMPVR allows you to:

  • Generate a variety of scenarios or aircraft turnaround inspections featuring damage or foreign object ​debris to enhance training
  • Simulate day and night operations as well as adverse weather conditions
  • Pause and review “operations” so details can be checked or explained
  • Access notes, forms and other reference material in real time
  • Record user performance for review and future reference

RAMPVR features:

  • A “plug-and-play” system with an intuitive user interface
  • No special infrastructure required, indoor open space (ideally 3x3 meters)
  • Easy and quick change-over from one trainee to the next

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