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Validate an IATA Accredited Training School (ATS) Certificate

Check the authenticity of a training certificate awarded by an IATA Accredited Training School (ATS)

This validation tool will allow you to verify the validity of a training certificate issued by an IATA Accredited Training School (ATS).  ATS's are independent organizations authorized by IATA to deliver training programs in the field of Dangerous Goods Regulations. 

​​How do you know if the certificate was issued by an ATS?  Where can you find the certificate number? 


Please enter the Unique Certificate Serial Number/Code included in the DGR training course completion certificate issued by an IATA DG Accredited Training School (ATS):
Enter certificate / booking number
Enter student participant last name
Other Required *


Does the certificate have the IATA ‘sky’ across the top? If it does, please use the IATA Training Certificate Validation tool​​


The ATS certificate validation tool will only recognize certificates:

  • Awarded to individuals who have successfully completed a training course at an IATA ATS. 
  • Issued in the past 5 years 
  • Issued before the end of the previous month

Please Contact Us if all the requirements above are met and you are still unable to validate an ATS certificate.​

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