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Quality Management (QMS) for Airlines (Classroom, 4 days)



Quality Management Systems (QMS) lay the framework for consistent performance throughout an airline’s activities. This course provides an introduction to QMS components and objectives so that you can establish quality management practices within your operations.

Learn the key regulatory and operational requirements for designing and controlling an efficient QMS, then practice your skills in process mapping, procedure writing and audit review through practical exercises.

Available as: Classroom & In-Company course
Duration: 4 days (32 hours)
Recommended level: Entry-level and Professional
Prerequisites: Participants should have some industry experience and a basic understanding of quality regulations

What you will learn

This course will help you to:

  • Understand the quality requirements of key regulatory bodies and national authorities such as ISO, EASA, FAA and JAR
  • Outline the key practices required to maintain a QMS: the quality policy, procedures, audit, and reports
  • Develop your process mapping and procedure writing skills
  • Prepare yourself for further specialization and training in QMS implementation

Course content

ISO 9000 family and quality requirements

  • Quality policy
  • Quality manual contents
  • Document Control System
  • Management review process

Process management

  • Establishing processes
  • Planning and writing procedures

Document control

  • Which elements to control and how
  • Planning a document infrastructure

Audit management

  • Measuring compliance
  • Root cause analysis
  • Developing an initiating a corrective action plan
  • Levels of non-conformity

QMS and Safety Management Systems (SMS) parallels

  • Regulatory requirements for safety
  • Integrating QMS and SMS

This course includes practical exercises and assessments:

  • Procedure writing exercises
  • Implementation of the process approach
  • Final examination

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Certificate awarded

An IATA Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 70% or higher on all exercises and exams. A special distinction is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 90% or higher.

Who should attend

This course is designed for airline and ground service provider staff, including:

  • Management new to the field of quality
  • Quality internal auditors
  • Operations managers


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