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IATA Training Center - Brussels, Belgium

​The IATA office is conveniently situated in the center of Brussels, located in the city's shopping area and in close proximity to Bois de la Cambre the Place du Chatelain. 

Practical information

Getting here

The IATA office is is connected to Brussels Zaventem airport by train. You can board the train at the airport in direction Brussels and stop at the Central station. From there you can take the bus 38 and stop at Vleurgat station, a 2 minute walking distance from the IATA office.

IATA Training Center - Belgium
350 Avenue Louise, 5th Floor
1050 Brussels
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Tel.: +32 2 626 18 00


There are many hotels near the training center, and special rates are available for course participants. More information will be provided at the time of your registration.

Onsite facilities

Brussels office    Brussels classroom   

Printers, WiFi internet connection and quiet workspaces are free for you to use during your time at the Brussels training center. 

Coffee and TeaPublic phonePrinterQuiet work spaceDrinking waterComplimentary Wi-Fi


Plan what to do during your stay on the Brussels tourism website.


Please contact our team in Geneva for more information about Brussels or our courses:  

IATA Training Center - Geneva
Route de l'Aéroport 33
P.O. Box 416
1215 Geneva 15 Airport
Tel.: +41.22.770.2820
Fax. +41.22.770.2681
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Brussels course schedule

April - 2018
 Review the leading practices of successful airlines from both the low cost and network carrier sectors. Learn procedures to maintain a viable cost reduction program within your organization. Airline Leading Practices and Cost Reduction Strategies (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
9 Apr - 13 Apr
Gain the competencies to accept, handle and process shipments containing dangerous goods according to the current edition of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) manual. Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) - Initial - Category 6 (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
16 Apr - 20 Apr

May - 2018
 This course provides a clear overview and interpretation of the EU Regulation 261/2004 that will improve how you handle passenger claims when applicable. Consumer Protection in Air Transport (Classroom, 3 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
2 May - 4 May
This course will give you the total skill-set to be a compelling communicator. Public Speaking and Personal Impact (Classroom, 3 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
7 May - 9 May
Obtain the necessary skills to manage civil aviation policy and regulation. Managing Aviation Policy and Regulation (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
14 May - 18 May
Learn new techniques to manage and negotiate complex sales transactions: identifying strategic sales targets, anticipating customer responses and consultative selling techniques. Airline Sales Strategies - Advanced (Classroom, 4 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
22 May - 25 May
 Be up-to-date on aviation environmental issues and their management, with a special emphasis on new technology, improved operations and modernized methods of airspace and airport management. Aviation and the Environment (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
28 May - 1 Jun

June - 2018
 Learn how to use the IATA SGHA to its fullest potential as a commercial agreement and services description document for line maintenance services. Standard Line Maintenance Agreements (Classroom, 3 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
6 Jun - 8 Jun
 Implement quality management, improve customer service and safety: for Civil Aviation Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers. Quality Management Systems (QMS) for Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA) and Air Navigation Service (ANS) Providers (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
11 Jun - 15 Jun
Learn the foundations of Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs), and how to practically develop them, integration of safety objectives, SPIs and safety performance targets. Safety Performance Indicators (Classroom, 3 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
20 Jun - 22 Jun
 Gain up-to-date knowledge of the challenges faced by airlines operating to, from or within the European Union (EU). European Union (EU) Aviation Law (Classroom, 3 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
25 Jun - 27 Jun

July - 2018
 Learn the essentials of IATA's SeMS initiative and how it can make your organization IOSA compliant. Leave the course with tools to build a SeMS that produces measurable and auditable results. Security Management Systems - SeMS (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
2 Jul - 6 Jul
 Gain a clear understanding of the relevant practical issues of EU competition substantive rules, as well as EU institutions and their rules. Global Aviation Competition/Antitrust Law (Classroom, 3 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
11 Jul - 13 Jul

August - 2018
 This course will develop your knowledge, attitudes, and skills required to effectively develop, conduct and evaluate a course. Instructional Techniques (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
6 Aug - 10 Aug
 Stay up-to-date with your knowledge of the IATA/ICAO Dangerous Goods Regulations. Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) - Instructor Refresher (Classroom, 3 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
22 Aug - 24 Aug

September - 2018
 Understand the impact of state rights and obligations, charging policy, facilities financing, management and control on your air navigation services. Legal and Financial Issues for Air Navigation Service Providers (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
10 Sep - 14 Sep
Prepare for each phase of a negotiation process, and determine both short-term and long-term costs of negotiating. International Negotiation Skills (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
17 Sep - 21 Sep
 Learn how to improve your operational safety by correctly identifying hazards, providing effective controls to mitigate safety risks, and reducing equipment loss and damage. Safety Risk Management (Classroom, 3 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
26 Sep - 28 Sep

October - 2018
Learn how to train to improve performance, introduce safer operations, and reduce costs in your airline while ensuring compliance with ICAO SMS requirements. Safety Management Systems (SMS) - Train the Trainer (Classroom, 3 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
1 Oct - 3 Oct
 Learn passenger security screening techniques that increase efficiency and throughput, including: questioning techniques and how to detect suspicious signs before making contact with a passenger. Behavioral Analysis and Predictive Screening Strategies (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
8 Oct - 12 Oct
Based on recommendations from the ICAO Universal Security Audit Program and the IATA Security Manual, this course helps you develop an employee background vetting program that fits the context of your company. AVSEC Background Vetting and Insider Threat Mitigation (Classroom, 3 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
17 Oct - 19 Oct
 Learn the most up-to-date airline and government requirements pertaining to the transport of live animals by air. Live Animals Transportation (Classroom, 3 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
29 Oct - 31 Oct

November - 2018
 Gain an overview of the history of the PBN concept, GNSS theory, Area Navigation (RNAV), RNP, and airspace planning and design. Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) I (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
5 Nov - 9 Nov
 Understand the implementation and approval processes for PBN navigation specifications from the points of view of States, Civil Aviation Authorities, Air Navigation Service Providers and aircraft operators. Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) II (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
12 Nov - 16 Nov
Improve your communication and presentation skills in a multicultural environment. Effective Communication Skills (Classroom, 5 days)
Belgium, Brussels (IATA)
19 Nov - 23 Nov

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