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AIR Think Tank

The IATA Airline Industry Retailing (AIR) Think Tank is an ideation group, comprised of strategic thought leaders from across the industry working together to  develop new initiatives that will become standards  to shape the future of airline retailing.

The process is simple: The Think Tank brainstorms 2-5 ideas at the beginning of the year, and over the next few months, develops the ideas further into an industry White Paper and proofs of concepts  presented at the AIR Symposium. The Think Tank runs annually, beginning in January and culminating at the annual Airline Industry Retailing (AIR) Symposium in October.

AIR Think Tank Ideas

The AIR Think Tank presented four ideas at the 2018 AIR Symposium.

Project DNA: Facilitating digital identity management in commercial aviation

Digital transformation creates great opportunities for new ways of doing business, new market sellers and enhanced passenger experience. Multiple challenges emerge when a proliferation of actors occur, such as travel sellers, buyers, and intermediaries in the shop/book/buy process.
The short-term vision is for IATA to become a digital Certification Authority so that all business partners can be properly identified (including airlines, corporates, travel agents, aggregators and certification authority).

Project Honeymoon: Redefining the concept of codeshare

Codeshare relationships need to evolve for the future world of NDC interline and the implementation of ONE Order.
The vision is to move the industry to a retailer/reseller and supplier model with associated agreements, by extending the interline model to accommodate the benefits of the codeshare model without its limitations.

Project Husky: Retailing air travel products beyond AIR

NDC APIs represent opportunities for airlines to sell more than air products. The intent is to examine how travel retailers can leverage APIs and the associated API economy to sell more than just core travel components to their customers – transport, accommodation, destinations, etc. – and thus, offer a more comprehensive retail experience.
The vision is to establish a customer-centric, digital travel ecosystem that connects airlines, travel agents, hotels and the myriad of other (travel) retailers – where APIs are the basic building blocks of the ecosystem.

Project Panini: Using boarding passes as vouchers/coupons during disruptions

Airlines and their technology providers have made significant strides in managing automated re-routing of disrupted customers. However, improvement is required to facilitate immediate needs, such as food and accommodation. Most airlines often go beyond the legal minimum in this matter, to enhance their service and increase customer loyalty.
The vision is to simplify the process of distributing and using vouchers by enabling passengers to use their boarding pass to pay for these services, empowering them to be in control of their airport experience during a stressful disruption.

For more information on these projects, read the AIR Think Tank white paper (pdf).

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