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Distribution & Payment Partnerships

Industry Partnerships in Action

Aviation is built on partnerships and working together. Every flight that takes off is the result of the combined efforts of many different players that begins long before the passenger arrives at the airport to take flight.

Distribution and payments are among the most important activities for industry cooperation. The result of this collaboration is an integrated global air transport system in which it is possible to view schedules, purchase tickets and pay the appropriate taxes and charges in a single currency, for air travel that may take place on another continent.

Two of IATA’s most important partners in this regard are Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). Both ATPCO and ARC are airline-owned, while IATA is an airline trade association which members include some of the airline owners of ATPCO and ARC.

Current Areas of Collaboration

IATA and ATPCO collaborate on matters related to distribution processes, including fare and rule data management and other industry data sources that drive revenue accounting and distribution processes.

  • IATA provides neutral reference data that supports many distribution processes, included the Ticket Tax Box Services (TTBS) that collects all industry taxes, fees and charges applicable to tickets.
  • ATPCO provides the fare filing platform and related standards that feed the GDSs and other pricing systems.
  • ATPCO has developed a platform, called NDC Exchange, to support airlines in translating versions of IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard.

IATA and ARC collaborate on business intelligence services. The Direct Data Solutions (DDS), operated and sold jointly by IATA and ARC, provide the largest Industry repository of airline ticket sales data to airlines and other customers. ARC has started a project to support NDC sales in their settlement services.

IATA, ATPCO and ARC (and other industry actors) collaborate through the Agent Debit Memo Working Group (ADMWG) to identify, develop and implement solutions that will result in a reduced need for post-billing revenue recovery through ADMs.

Watch this space for regular updates on status of the IATA – ATPCO – ARC collaboration.


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