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Company Type Airline
Website www.evaair.com
Certification Type NDC Certified
Level 1 - Post Booking Ancillaries
Original Certification Date Jan 2018
NDC Deployment Partners UNI Air : Airline;
Product Name Not specified
Last Updated 3/1/2019
Type of Change Initial Entry Jan-2018; Renewal processed Dec-2018
Expiration Date Jan 2020
Contact Details Mac Chen, maverickchen@evaair.com
Use of ONE Order standard Not specified

Messages Certified  
MessageSchema VersionSpecial RemarksMessage Certification DateExpiration Date
ServiceListRQ PADIS Publication 17.1
Jan 2018 Jan 2020
ServiceListRS PADIS Publication 17.1
Jan 2018 Jan 2020

Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry

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