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NDC Educational Videos

Watch the following videos on New Distribution Capability (NDC) and learn all about this key industry transformation program.

Divided into three main modules, these videos:

  • Introduce NDC and provide the ‘big picture’
  • Explain airline distribution and operations in an NDC environment
  • Provide recommendations on how to get started with NDC

Note: Full screen mode is accessible by clicking the 'exapand' icon, or using the 'f' key on your keyboard.

Introducing NDC

Why NDC?

Learn why NDC is a positive development for the travel industry.



What is NDC? (Part 1)

Learn what NDC is ... and what it isn't.



What is NDC? (Part 2)

Learn what NDC is ... and what it isn't (continued).



Who will benefit from NDC, and how?

Learn about the benefits the new standard delivers.



​Understanding NDC

How to use NDC: Shopping & Ordering

Learn how NDC can enhance your sales & distribution processes.



How to use NDC: Interline

Learn how NDC can enhance your interline processes.



How to use NDC: Operations

Learn how NDC can enhance your operations processes.



How to use NDC: Industry Setttlement

Learn how NDC can enhance your industry settlement processes.



​Adopting NDC

NDC Reference Architecture (for Airlines)

Learn about a possible NDC technical architecture that will help your airline adopt NDC.



Deployment Patterns (for Airlines)

Learn about the possible patterns available for the deployment of NDC within your airline.



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