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Air Waybill

An air waybill (AWB) is a document made out by or on behalf of the shipper which evidences the contract between the shipper and the carrier(s) for carriage of goods over routes of the carrier(s) . The AWB can be in the form of an: 

  • Airline air waybill, with pre-printed issuing carrier identification
  • Neutral air waybill, without pre-printed identification of the issuing carrier in any form

The industry is now transitioning from the use of the paper AWB to the electronic AWB (e-AWB).

Air Waybill standards

 The  Cargo Services Conference (CSC) is responsible for the development and maintenance of airline and neutral air waybill specifications and standards: 

  • CSC Resolution 600a provides the governing rules on the use of air waybill, technical specifications, completion instructions, distribution of copies, and also the applicable conditions when transmitting air waybill information electronically.
  • CSC Resolution 600b provides the text of the Conditions of Contract to be printed on the reverse of airline and neutral air waybills, and also the text of the Notices appearing on the face of airline and neutral air waybills. Resolution 600b effective July 2010 (pdf).

Both Resolution 600a and Resolution 600b are published in the Cargo Services Conference Resolutions Manual, which is part of the Combined Cargo Conferences Manual.


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