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FACE UP! Air cargo career competition 2018

Make air cargo YOUR career choice!

FACE-UP! is a competition for recent graduates to present their thesis at the World Cargo Symposium (WCS).

To be eligible, graduates must have a thesis topic about air transport logistics (e.g. air cargo, supply chain management, mobility, IT solutions, etc.). The FACE-UP finalists will present to over 1,200 top-level industry professionals at WCS. Besides being a unique networking opportunity, the event will also provide a valuable chance to gain knowledge and build a better understanding of all elements across the air cargo supply chain.

"The idea is to bring fresh energy into the air cargo industry by offering opportunities that will assist the professional development of talented graduates with a passion for the industry. Air cargo is growing at an impressive rate and we want young people to be a part of unlocking and benefitting from this potential," said Glyn Hughes, IATA's Global Head of Cargo.

Three spectacular finalists have been selected as winners of the first FACE-UP Air Cargo Competition 2018! The next competition will take place in 2020.

The future is now, the future is YOU: 2018 Finalists

Femke Sickler

Thesis title: 
Enhancing the cargo value chain for KLM Cargo with regard to the acceptance process, trucking schedule, and data communication. An in-depth case study for Denmark - Amsterdam

Caroline Larisch

Thesis title:
Corporate Sustainability Initiatives in the Fast Fashion Industry - Aspects of Consumer Awareness

Danny Jonker

Thesis title:
The average parcel size in e-commerce shipments - a variable in coping with congestion in carrier networks?

Theses topics:

We are seeking young professionals with innovative theses (concepts, prototypes, processes, research, newly developed products, etc.) that address air cargo, supply chain or transport logistics with a focus on the following topic areas: 

Industry Innovation and Transformation
For example:
- Future technologies
- Digitalization

Enriching Customer Experience 
For example:
-Online services & increased visibility / transparency
-Service customization, dynamic pricing

Improving Operations

For example:
- Process optimization 
- Enhancing supply chain collaboration

Workforce of the Future

For example:
- Impact of the fourth industrial evolution on human workforce
- Core skillsets of the future, symbiosis workforce and technology

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