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Future Air Cargo Executives (FACE)

Together with the air cargo industry, IATA recognizes that there is an urgent need to invest in people, promote gender diversity, and attract and develop young talent.

FACE (Future Air Cargo Executives) is IATA’s response to the industry’s need for young, aspiring and diverse professionals. The program aims at attracting, retaining and developing a bright and diverse pool of individuals under 36 to prepare them to become the next generation of leaders in the Cargo Industry.

About the Program

The FACE Program is a 3-pillar strategy to attract, recognize & retain and develop talents in the air cargo industry and includes several initiatives: 

  • The young executive summit, FACES – a recurring event organized together with the IATA World Cargo Symposium every year in March
  • FACES’ Vision 2030 – a think tank formed by the future air cargo leaders to make their voice heard on the long-term vision for the industry
  • The FACE development portfolio – a set of IATA Cargo & Management training designed for future air cargo executives
  • “Speakers for U” – to strengthen existing and create new links between air cargo and the universities

2030 Vision

The FACES Vision 2030 is the result of a think tank comprised of young air cargo
professionals. The project was initiated during FACES (Future Air Cargo Executives
Summit) 2015 where the participants decided to make their voice heard on their long-term
vision for the industry.

In this vision, the FACE Community expressed their ideas on how new and emerging
technologies and trends could disrupt existing processes in the air cargo industry and how
those developments could affect its workforce in the year 2030.

Based on these assumptions we established our top priorities and precautions that must be
taken today in order to be ready for the future.

Read the FACES Vision 2030 White Paper

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Future Air Cargo Executive Summit (FACES)

FACES is the annual summit for young professionals under 36 with the ambition to become the next generation of Air Cargo leaders and industry decision makers, which is held in conjunction with IATA’s World Cargo Symposium (WCS)

IATA organized the first FACES in 2013 to highlight the important role young leadership plays in the future growth of the air cargo industry. Since then, other six editions of the summit allowed the newest generation of industry executives to express their viewpoints and make a sound contribution to the global air cargo agenda.

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