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Cargo 2000 is committed to improve the quality of the air freight industry for the benefit of all participants in the transportation chain.

See what the industry is saying about C2K:

Tripartite Shippers' Group

‘The TSG supports an audited air cargo service with the ability to benchmark these services. It supports the Cargo 2000 programme that will lead to a meaningful quality system that will result in lower costs and substantial customer service improvements. The TSG invites and
encourages all sectors of the industry to support these efforts.’
Tripartite Shippers' Group


European Shippers' Council

‘This is a significant step towards helping create a quality benchmark for the airfreight industry based around what shippers want from their suppliers.’ When this goes live with Cargo 2000 members, their customers will benefit hugely from early warnings of critical performance failures and can work with the service providers to sort them out.’
European Shippers' Council


Homepage of AIDC

"The Cargo 2000 initiative is sanctioned by the Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) as it shares our objectives of streamlined processes and optimal supply chain efficiency. The AIDC supports the vested interest of government, component manufactures, assemblers and suppliers operating within the automotive sector in South Africa. Due to our geographic location and the ever increasing drive to reduce supply lead-times, airfreight has become a critical supply chain medium for ensuring a continuous and smooth manufacturing operation. Door to door detailed tracking and tracing is quickly becoming an absolute necessity in SA." - Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC).


Home page Qualcomm   

“Cargo 2000 is a very positive force for global enterprises like QUALCOMM who have mission-critical shipments moving each and every day of the year. Customers of Cargo 2000 members will see a measurable increase in actionable information that they can use to better understand issues inherent in the international commercial arena. QUALCOMM applauds all Cargo 2000 members for their dedication in establishing a true industry standard.”
QUALCOMM Incorporated




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