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C2K members

American Airlines Cargo


‘If not Cargo 2000, then what?’
David Brooks, President of American Airlines Cargo

             United Cargo

"C2K has become our internal quality program at United Airlines Cargo. Carriers, forwarders and logistics partners must share and act upon reliable, consistent data to deliver the highest quality service to our customers. C2K provides the data and framework to support our industry’s focus on continuous improvement."
Scott Dolan, President of United Airlines Cargo



Swiss World Cargo Logo 2012

"Quality stands at the heart of everything we do at Swiss WorldCargo.
Quality means not only meeting our promises to the customer, it also entails continuous monitoring, and continuous improvement.
This is why Cargo 2000 is one of the main pillars of our quality concept and why we use the C2K metrics in our performance measurement system".
Christine Barden, Senior Manager, Head of Transportation Process, Swiss WorldCargo


Logo DB Schenker


"We are definitely only talking to carriers that have it (Cargo 2000)".
Thomas Mack, VP Airfreight, Schenker AG





"We have been a strong supporter of Cargo 2000 from the very start and look forward to working closely with our customers and the Cargo 2000 membership to ensure that their aims of continuous quality improvement are achieved in these challenging yet exciting times for the air logistics industry".
Mark Quartermaine, Managing director commercial and brand, BT Global Services



Website Austrian Cargo



"Cargo 2000 is about quality. Pro-active monitoring of the Cargo 2000 processes pushes performance levels up and then proves we deliver what we promise! Our commitment to Cargo 2000 is also a commitment to customer satisfaction"
Peter Crossley, Cargo Processes & Systems, Austrian Airlines


Homepage Traxon



"TRAXON Europe is proud to be an active supporter of Cargo2000. In accordance with Cargo2000 standards TRAXON solutions monitor shipments and offer extensive functions to optimize processes".
Felix Keck, Managing Director of TRAXON Europe.





"Cargo 2000 is one of the key priorities for AF-KL Cargo. It is the tool for quality measurement, quality management and our customer dialogue on operational performance"
Michael Wisburn Chairman Joint Cargo Management Committee Air France Cargo-KLM Cargo



"C2K provides us with a common quality management platform,
enabling an efficient and regular dialog with forwarders and customers, based on facts and focused on improvements."
Kenneth Marx, President SAS Cargo Group A/S


Lufthansa Cargo



"We are not only talking about Cargo 2000, we implement it. Since January 2006 we are the first airline that uses the Cargo 2000 monitoring system for our shipments on all lanes."
Karl-Heinz Köpfle, Board Member of Lufthansa Cargo

AAE Logo

"AaE has been a member of Cargo 2000 since 2006 and has committed during 2009 to the Certification process to ensure both existing and potential customer airlines realize our commitment to the industry stakeholders by ensuring timely and accurate messaging."
Robert Brown, General Manager International




“The C2K initiative places a measurable quality management system between freight forwarders and carriers, and contributes to further improve the service of the ground handlers. C2K helps reaching operational excellence through agreed standardized means.”
Franco Nanna, Head of Network Support, Cargolux Airlines

Homepage Descartes / Tradevision

“Helping our customers to be a part of the world’s leading air transportation and logistics business.” Jan Markill, Sales Director EMEA Descartes Global Logistics Network.



“We see Cargo 2000 as the enabler to achieve process-standardization and process integration within the entire air freight industry. Only by implementing and actively living Cargo 2000 standards, shippers, truckers, ground handlers, carriers and forwarders can achieve and measure the long-needed transparency.”
Jeannette Goeldi, Senior Vice President, Global Head Standards & Governance Air Freight




Homepage Rutges




We are proud to be the first trucking company to join Cargo 2000. By adopting Cargo 2000’s industry standard processes, we will further satisfy the requirements of our airline and freight forwarding customers, achieve cost efficiencies and demonstrate our commitment to delivering high quality transport services to the air cargo industry".
Bauke Felix, Managing Director, Rutges Cargo



Homepage Aviapartner




"As member of Cargo 2000, Aviapartner demonstrates its commitment to improve cargo handling and ultimately the entire logistics value chain, for the satisfaction of our customers, the airlines and forwarders. Every day we experience the true benefits of having an industry quality platform."
Theo Dilissen, CEO, Aviapartner


Homepage of CCN


Together with C2K’s comprehensive quality management framework and CCN’s commitment in driving innovations to improve work flow and efficiency, we aim to simplify your business processes so you can focus on your bottomline".
Teow Boon Ling, General Manager, CCN



Link to Swissport Homepage



"Swissport is an active member of the Cargo 2000 initiative. As a service provider, we are deeply committed to customer satisfaction. The Cargo 2000 provides a common quality management system that allows our performance to be measured, reviewed and improved." John Batten - EVP Global Cargo, Swissport International




"Our commitment is clear -- The FIRST in ASIA certified by Cargo 2000 as a fully compliant service provider of CDMP in meeting the quality requirements of the airfreight industry". 
Lionel Kwok, Chief Executive Officer, GLSHK

Link to ICCS homepage



"Cargo 2000 has gained substantial momentum and this supports our commitment: Right Quality for you". Dieter Oppel, Managing Director, International Cargo Centre Shenzhen

Home Page Riege

"Ensuring continuous quality along the supply chain is a key aspect towards economic growth and success in the freight forwarding industry. Simply put: Cargo 2000 is the future."
Johannes Riege, President of Riege Software International GmbH

Homepage Unisys



"Unisys is proud to have worked with Cargo 2000 since 1997. As collaboration has become a source of greater value in the last decade, so too has the work of this cross-industry group." Gary Spangler Consultant Hosting & Integration Services, Global Commercial Industries - Transportation

Logo TAT


“Cargo 2000 strongly supports our aim to bring high quality cargo handling to the North of China!”
Ulrich Huesson, Managing Director TAT


Mercator is proud to be associated with Cargo 2000. Duncan Andrew Alexander, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Development, Mercator, Dubai, UAE

Homepage IBS

Cargo 2000 brings much needed standardization to the air cargo industry .
It will lead to better and more predictable service delivery and is sure to become a de facto standard for the whole industry in the near future. Akshay Shrivastava, Global Head, Cargo Line of Business, IBS Software Services



Homepage Turkish Airlines




We, at Turkish Airlines Cargo, place high priority to understand each customer’s needs on growing global market so that we can provide the highest quality of services. As part of our effort to achieve this goal, we are glad to work with Cargo 2000 Quality Group to deliver even higher level of services in the most efficient way. ’’
Atilla Lise, Snr.VP Cargo


Website British Airways



"We are constantly striving to improve operational performance for the benefit of our customers. With this in mind, we are fully committed to Cargo 2000's objective of delivering a global quality standard for the logistics supply chain."
Steve Gunning, Managing Director, British Airways World Cargo

 Etihad Cargo

“Full / accurate data capture and timely execution of milestones are the foundation of quality end to end processes in our industry. At Etihad Crystal Cargo, we are proud to be the first Middle East Airline to be Cargo 2000 certified. Meeting Cargo 2000 standards will assist us to progress towards IATA’s e-freight goals."
David Hugh Kerr, Vice President Cargo



Homepage AC




From the moment a shipment is booked, to the time it is delivered, at every milestone
in between, C2K is the tool that enables us to better manage the level of service our customers expect.
Measuring our performance with C2K allows us to translate quality into a way of doing
business, a daily way of thinking, a daily way of working, every day."
Lise-Marie Turpin, Managing Director, Cargo




Saudi Airlines Cargo

 “As a major player in the airfreight industry serving customers globally, our goal is to provide the maximum level of excellence and superior cargo and logistic services. The expectations of freight forwarders and logistics companies of the airlines they use are getting bigger and setting a challenge for us all. It will be very difficult for one airline to conform to each and every freight forwarder’s required standards. With Cargo 2000, there is a standard quality system designed to benefit both airlines and their customers."
Fahad Ali Hammad, CEO, Saudi Airlines Cargo


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