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Cargo iQ Member Testimonials

Composed by participants along the whole supply chain, such as airlines, freight forwarders, ground handling agents, and IT providers, Cargo iQ membership (pdf) includes some of the largest players in the industry.

Find out what some of our members and endorsing organizations have to say about Cargo iQ:





"Quality stands at the heart of everything we do at Swiss WorldCargo.
Quality means not only meeting our promises to the customer; it also entails continuous monitoring, and continuous improvement. This is why Cargo iQ is one of the main pillars of our quality concept and why we use the Cargo iQ metrics in our performance measurement system."
Christine Barden, Director at Swiss WorldCargo

 Logo DB Schenker



"We are definitely only talking to carriers that have it (Cargo iQ)."
Thomas Mack, Head of Global Airfreight, Schenker AG






“Quality leadership is what we strive for every day at Lufthansa Cargo. The excellent, industry-standard process of Cargo iQ provides us with the fundament to improve Quality along the whole airfreight supply chain together with Forwarders and Ground Handling Agents chain and for the benefit of our Customers.”
Jan Martin Kienecker, Head of Quality Management and Multiprojectsteering at Lufthansa Cargo AG




“The Cargo iQ initiative places a measurable quality management system between freight forwarders and carriers, and contributes to further improve the service of the ground handlers. Cargo iQ helps reaching operational excellence through agreed standardized means.”
Franco Nanna, Head of Network Support of Cargolux Airlines



“Helping our customers to be a part of the world’s leading air transportation and logistics business.”
Jan Markill, Sales Director of EMEA Descartes Global Logistics Network.





"Together with Cargo iQ’s comprehensive quality management framework and CCN’s commitment in driving innovations to improve work flow and efficiency, we aim to simplify your business processes so you can focus on your bottom line."
Teow Boon Ling, Chief Executive Officer of CCN


"Ensuring continuous quality along the supply chain is a key aspect towards economic growth and success in the freight forwarding industry. Simply put: Cargo iQ is the future."
Johannes Riege, President of Riege Software International GmbH


"Unisys is proud to have worked with Cargo iQ since 1997. As collaboration has become a source of greater value in the last decade, so too has the work of this cross-industry group." 
Pazhyanur Venkatesh, Industry Director - Freight Solutions


"Cargo iQ brings much needed standardization to the air cargo industry. It will lead to better and more predictable service delivery and is sure to become a de facto standard for the whole industry in the near future."
Akshay Shrivastava, Senior VP and Head of IT Services SBU, IBS Software Services


 Turkish Airlines 

"We, at Turkish Airlines Cargo, place high priority to understand each customer’s needs on growing global market so that we can provide the highest quality of services. As part of our effort to achieve this goal, we are glad to work with Cargo iQ Quality Group to deliver even higher level of services in the most efficient way."
Atilla Lise, Snr. VP of Turkish Cargo

 Etihad Cargo

“Full / accurate data capture and timely execution of milestones are the foundation of quality end to end processes in our industry. At Etihad Cargo, we are proud to be the first Middle East Airline to be Cargo iQ certified. Meeting Cargo iQ standards will assist us to progress towards IATA’s e-freight goals."
David Kerr, Vice President of Etihad Cargo





“It is high time the industry joins forces to truly enable shippers to choose their supply chain partner on the basis of quality, and not just price and relationship. The Industry Master Operating Plan, developed by Cargo iQ and endorsed by IATA, TIACA, the Cool Chain Association and others, forms a robust basis for transparent and measurable quality milestones, which should be monitored and publicized openly to achieve this basic goal.”
Oliver Evans, former Chairman, The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA)






"Standardization, visibility and transparency is what the entire air cargo supply chain needs in order to continue to be a valuable alternative to other modes of transport. Cargo iQ is an excellent platform for the Cool Chain Association to further create quality measurements for the cool supply chain."
Sebastian Scholte, President of the Cool Chain Association


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