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Cargo Border Management

The global impact of regional projects

Cargo Border Management (CBM) works to provide a standard, harmonized and smart approach at borders for air cargo and to assist IATA members in their compliance with government regulations. CBM’s objectives are to support airlines and their partners in the supply chain to avoid unnecessary delays at border checkpoints and to contribute to security through the application of international standards, programs, lobbying activities, capacity building projects and practical solutions worldwide.  Check-out the CBM global footprint inforgraphic to get an overview of activities by region.


Trade Facilitation Assessments (World Bank), CTS pilots (WCO), C-XML and ASYCUDA implementation, ACAS pilot integration of over 85% of carriers, RA/KC/AEO assessments (WCO and ICAO), eCSD global standards (ICAO), electronic ACI deployment with IATA C-XML standard messages, ACI workshop (JRCC), AVSEC activities.


Horizon 2020 project, PLACI global standards (WCO), AEO/MRA Trader Identification standards (WCO), Trade Facilitation Assessments, Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, IATA Member interests in key WCO meetings and agendas, regulatory advocacy, AVSEC activities.


IWT assessments (WCO & USAID), electronic ACI deployment with IATA C-XML standard messages.


RA/KC/AEO assessments (WCO and ICAO), ICAO-WCO conference, IWT assessments (WCO & USAID), electronic ACI deployments with IATA C-XML standard messaging, regulatory advocacy, AVSEC activities.

Middle East

ICAO-WCO Conference, electronic ACI deployment with IATA C-XML standard messages, Workshop on WCO SAFE, AVSEC activities.



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