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Better data for better decisions

Part of Simplifying the Business Cargo (StB Cargo), the ACID project aims at building an Air Cargo Incident Database of de-identified airline incident reports which would offer a secure environment for airlines and ground handlers to pool safety and operations information, supporting a proactive data-driven approach for advanced trend analysis, predictive risk mitigation and improvement programs.


The air cargo industry has been looking to IATA to establish some form of industry incident tracking mechanism to record and develop intelligence on incidents related to: lithium batteries, other dangerous goods, general cargo, and ULD’s.

Such a database would enable IATA to see which areas need our attention, as well as track if incidents reduce following campaigns and actions by IATA, ICAO, and others

Not re-inventing the wheel

In the desire not to overburden industry with reporting and to ensure we don’t do something in parallel to that which may be best performed elsewhere, IATA Cargo is working with IATA SFO division on their Safety Incident Database project, which aims at modernizing the GADM program, using or enhancing the existing GDDB / STEADES to record such data.

Objectives for 2017

The ACID project is still under exploration phase and objectives for 2017 have been established as follow:

  • Establishing a Dangerous Goods reporting process and database, as part of the GADM modernization project
  • Understanding industry needs, limitations and opportunities to evolve towards a global incidents database, surveying the industry 
  • Identifying steps needed to develop such a data collection mechanism and identifying IATA’s role 

The Industry supports ACID vision
Check out the ACID Industry survey results ! 
In June-July 2017, IATA surveyed airlines and ground handlers to understand their needs, expectations, capabilities and limitations to evolve towards a global Air Cargo Incident Database.


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