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ACID - Air Cargo Incident Data

Better data for better decisions

Part of Simplifying the Business Cargo (StB Cargo), the Air Cargo Incident Data (ACID) project aims to collect and provide de-identified airline incident reports in a secure environment for airlines and ground handlers to pool safety and operations information, supporting a proactive data-driven approach for advanced trend analysis, predictive risk mitigation and improvement programs.


IATA surveyed airlines and ground handlers to understand their needs, expectations, capabilities and limitations to evolve towards ACID. They look at IATA to establish some form of industry incident tracking mechanism to record and develop intelligence on incidents related to: 

This kind of insight would enable IATA and the industry to see which areas need attention, as well as to monitor the efficiency of incident reduction actions and campaigns. 

2018 Focus

  • Improve the current IATA safety reporting environment in the Global Aviation Data Management (GADM)
  • Analyze the industry reporting outside of the GADM scope

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